WP-MLM Review – The WP-MLM Forced Matrix MLM Recruiting Plugin For WordPress

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WP-MLM Review

Review of The WP-MLM WordPress plugin

The WP-MLM plugin for WordPress has changed the way network marketing professionals recruit their sales teams online, using a forced matrix recruiting system to automatically develop a downline for any business opportunity. WP-MLM is unique because unlike other recruiting systems, it is easy to set up, requiring no technical skills, integrates with WordPress which makes setting up a site and changing the look and feel a snap and it is incredibly flexible, allowing the site administrator to create the perfect recruiting system for their opportunity.

When a new user comes to your recruiting site, they will see the information about the opportunity you are promoting and how you have your matrix set up to automatically build a downline for them. Then when they register on your site, they are given the link to their sponsors replicated site for the business opportunity to sign up. After signing up in the business opportunity they will then come back to your site and input their replicated site’s URL in their back office so that new users placed front level to them in the matrix can be given their link to sign up in the business.

This process repeats with every new member who registers on your WP-MLM powered site for your business opportunity. The forced matrix system is really flexible and allows you to structure your matrix to fit your business opportunity’s compensation plan. For example, if your compensation plan requires 5 personal signups before you are qualified to earn commissions, you would set the matrix to 5 wide, meaning that the system will recruit five front level personal signups in the business for every user of your site.

By setting up a matrix which automatically builds a downline for your team and gets them qualified to earn commissions, you are creating a viral recruiting system. Imagine, hundreds of people sign up on your site who have never made any money in MLM and they get qualified to earn a check…. What do you think will happen next? The will tell everyone they know about the system!

But what if your compensation plan also requires additional front level sign ups to qualify for higher levels of commission? You then set your max width of the matrix to the maximum number of required personal signups to qualify for the highest level of compensation in the business opportunity you are promoting. Then you set the number of referrals to your site needed before a new front level leg is added. Now when a user refers other users to your site using a specially coded link they will get credit for that referral.

Visit WP-MLM WordPress plugin Official Site Here:

This is how the expanding matrix works, lets say you have set the number of referrals required for a new leg to be added to “1”, this means that when a user refers a new member using their link they will then have another front level leg opened up in their matrix which will then be built by the system down to infinity, this process repeats until the maximum width, as set by the admin, is reached.

Because this is a recruiting system designed to get everyone qualified to earn commissions even someone who just signs up and does nothing will have their sales team built for them from the system, then if they get a little motivated and start referring others with their link to the site, they will have additional legs opened up and qualify to earn even more commission.

The beauty of this system is it’s simplicity, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the system isn’t sophisticated. After communicating with the developer of the WP-MLM plugin I learned about some upcoming enhancements to the system which will be released soon which will make this system even more viral, integration with facebook, twitter and google + 1, auto posting to craigslist and backpage, admin managed banner advertisement system for users to use for referring new members, and what might be the coolest and most powerful feature yet… custom referral links!

The custom referral links will allow users to create their own referral links to the recruiting site, for example, http://www.thesite.com/index.php#makemoney or http://www.thesite.com/index.php#teamsuccess etc. By using links structured like this it allows users to create different links for each place they post them to and they system will then track the click thru rate and signup rate which is great for tracking results of advertising.

The most significant thing about this new link structure is that because the search engines ignore everything from the ‘#’ forward, the link juice from the backlinks will all point to the main page of the website. This will dramatically improve the search engine results for the site, driving more traffic to it. Any traffic which comes from natural search engine traffic is then placed randomly in the matrix when they register on the site! The WP-MLM plugin may be the most viral system ever created for recruiting online.

Visit WP-MLM WordPress plugin Official Site Here:

Here is a review video about the plugin which goes into great detail about how the WP-MLM plugin all works:

WP-MLM WordPress Plugin Installation Video

Installation of the WP-MLM WordPress Plugin is really easy, you simply upload the plugin from your WordPress dashboard and click on activate, within 20 seconds the plugin is installed and ready to be configured. Then you go to the plugin’s dashboard to set the URL of the opportunity you are promoting and the matrix settings for the initial width, maximum width and the number of referrals required before a new front level leg is added to your matrix.

Short Installation Video:

Creating a Recruiting Site

Creating a recruiting site with WP-MLM is very easy, you simple login to your WordPress dashboard and add content to your site to describe the opportunity you are promoting, how your matrix is setup and then ask users to register on your site.

Here is a video describing the process:

Setting Up The WordPress Plugin WP-MLM For Your Opportunity

Setting up he plugin is really easy, in this video you will learn how to setup the plugin to work with your opportunity.

Setup video:

In Conclusion…

As you can see, the WP-MLM WordPress plugin is a powerful tool that any network marketer can use to build their sales organization online using this highly viral system. I highly recommend it for anyone who desires success in MLM.

Visit WP-MLM WordPress plugin Official Site Here:


Preview WP-MLM WordPress plugin Site To Review:

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WP-MLM Review - The WP-MLM Forced Matrix MLM Recruiting Plugin For WordPress, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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