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Web Marketing Step by Step Review

Review Of Web Marketing Step by Step

Web Marketing Step by Step is a video based training course for anyone who wants to quickly develop a web marketing strategy for their business. It has been created by Tony Messer & Pilar Torres Wahlberg who have built up a number of successful multi million dollar web hosting businesses since the year 2000.

I guess I joined up because they make it sound pretty straightforward & to be honest with you I am always a bit sceptical when I hear people making these sorts of claims. But they have some free videos on their site which are really easy to follow so I thought I might as well try to the whole training course.

The thing is that they have actually been running a number of successful web hosting businesses since 2000 which is pretty much like the dawn of time in terms of the internet so I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt & I can say without a shadow of doubt that these guys are brilliant!

Their training really is step by step & the best way to describe it is like having your favourite teacher breaking down a subject that is quite complex into something that you can start to understand & apply. Anyone can quickly get a handle on what they are talking about & I would say that having tried a number of so called gurus who just seem to talk & talk & never get to the point that the beauty of Tony & Pilar´s approach is that they get stuck straight in.

In fact, they say that you will hit the deck running & that is really true. Another really great thing about the way that they teach is that the videos themselves are fairly short & to the point so they don´t waste any time on unecessary waffle like some of the training I´ve tried.

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Which Subjects are Covered?

In terms of the subjects covered, they take you right from the basics like choosing the best keywords for your site & then build up your confidence as you start to first get your website in shape & then they show you how to attract visitors to your site.

Once you understand how to get traffic they then show you how to make sure that when people come to your site that they stay there & you learn how to ensure that you maintain their interest in your website so that they don´t just leave. This is a really important point because most of the training I have seen before is only interested in getting traffic – but as Tony says, there is no point in getting traffic if they just appear on your statistics. I guess it´s like opening a shop on the busiest street in town & then not actually doing anything about the appearance of the shop.

Once I grasped this I was then able to apply this really quickly to my website so that now, I understand the importance of building a list of prospects & how to actually sell to them.

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Is Web Marketing Step by Step Complicated?

Above all, the thing that I really love is the fact that Web Marketing Step by Step is that it is totally jargon free. One of the big issues that I have with all of the SEO stuff is that some people really make it sound complicated. I don´t know why that is, because most people are like me, just trying to get a good position for their website in the search engines in between all of the thousands of other tasks that fill up my day.

Sure, there are some technical points that need to be taken into account, but Tony & Pilar are brilliant at breaking these down into easy to understand steps. The otherv good point is that they also show some brilliant tools to speed things up & make life easier. You can tell that they have real world experience because they understand that time is a precious resource so they show you how to get more results in less time.

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How Much does Web Marketing Step by Step Cost?

In terms of cost, I couldn´t believe the value that I was getting for just $47. Its a one off payment & to be honest when you compare that with some of the other training out there that is a very good deal.

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Who would Benefit?

As a website owner I would say that just about anybody who has a website & wants to improve their internet marketing would benefit, even people with a certain amount of experience. The thing is that Tony & Pilar don´t just concentrate on SEO like some other courses. As real people with real businesses who have achieved real results over the last 10 years you can tell that they care passionately about business & small businesses in particular & I imagine that this is the group that will really get the benefit.

If you are a beginner then I would definitely recommend Web Marketing Step by Step for the simple reason that within a couple of hours of starting the course you are going to understand the key concepts of internet marketing.

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I am very impressed & would strongly recommend Web Marketing Step by Step. I like the step by step approach that breaks everything down into easy to understand chunks. I often heard myself saying to myself “that is so obvious – why didn´t I see that before!”.

I would say that it is perfect for beginners to intermediate web marketeers.

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