“USA Unclaimed Money Guide” Review

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USA Unclaimed Money Guide Review

Review Of USA Unclaimed Money Guide

The Unclaimed Money Guide USA is a 222 pages Super Guide, on how to help other people locate their lost and unclaimed money as a Money Finder.

What is unclaimed money? It is money that is unclaimed by its rightful owner, it can be bank savings, safety deposits, money orders that were not cashed, insurance policies, term deposits, and many other sources.

The authorities do very little to contact the rightful owners of unclaimed money, they are simply understaffed or can not update regularly and have no incentive to make it easy for the billions of dollars to be found and claimed.

There are 40 BILLION dollars in unclaimed money in the USA. With ”The Unclaimed Money Guide”, you can assist these people finding their lost money. The Guide comes with ALL of the information you will need to set up your proper home-based Money Finder Business.

You’ll get ALL of the addresses, email and regular, and phone numbers to all 50 states, you will also get contracts, example contact letters and telephone communication transcripts.

You do not need any special skills. If you can read and write English, and follow simple instructions, you have everything it takes to make money in the Money Finder business. All you have to do is follow the steps as outlined in the guide.

It practically takes no money to get started, all you need is a regular free email account, and a telephone and there you go (you can use Skype, a free phone service online, and most of the numbers are toll-free).

The USA Unclaimed Money Guide comes as a downloadable digital manual, and you can also order it in CD format, and pay only S&H.

There is a No-Risk 60 Day guarantee. Try it for 60 Days and If it is not right for you, you’ll get your money back. The USA Unclaimed Money Guide product is sold via Clickbank.

The Unclaimed Money Guide comes with a fantastic Bonus. It is 19 (!!) very high quality tried and tested digital software and Ebooks of a value of $497. The Bonus alone in this purchase is worth the money you invest in the Unclaimed Money Guide many times over!!

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