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Review Of Traffic Mastermind

The Traffic Mastermind package contains a 30 page e-book, 3 videos which total almost 45 minutes and a bonus product!

In a nutshell it shows you how to create or find a product that, (through in-depth research) you know already has high volume, profitable traffic that has a high chance of buying what you are

All the videos are full screen, high quality and cover the more tricky aspects of the method or background research involved.

Traffic Mastermind is roughly 200 megs for each video, some of the zipped folders include the e-book and bonus and it has been broken down into 3 downloads or 200 megs at a time!

Traffic Mastermind screen

Everything has been thoroughly covered, so even a total newbie will be able to grasp this! And the author has obviously edited these videos, so lags in downloads, etc are cut out. So even though Traffic Mastermind videos are about 45 minutes, (total) the info, is potent.

Traffic Mastermind site

The author covers how to use a dozen different free sites for background research, and how to interpret the numbers.

Interpreting or making sense of the numbers, so you can find profitable, high volume traffic for your area of interest or product, is the real strength of this product and could mean the difference between putting a month of hard work into a product that you hope and pray makes a profit, or having solid background research instead, and a considerably better chance of it succeeding.

Traffic Mastermind bing

The author covers Bing, as Google advertising is becoming more restrictive. And also covers advanced marketing methods in the videos and e-book.

This Traffic Mastermind product has at least, half a dozen gold nuggets that make it a great investment.

Traffic Mastermind CB

Most importantly, he covers how to find out what your most successful competitors are offering for free, and how to take the best elements from their products for your own. But he doesn’t condone copying, far from it! And clearly says that you want the best elements from their products to incorporate into your own.

This is another gold nugget that more than makes up for the price tag, and makes this product well worth a closer look.

Traffic Mastermind visitors

The last Traffic Mastermind video, (or bonus video when you subscribe) is also a great find, and can be implemented by newbie and more advanced marketers. And remember that this is a service so some costs will need to be incurred, but if you are making a couple of hundred or more per month already, then you will love this.

With the Frank Kern bonus, the audio isn’t high quality, but the info, is and it does come with a transcript as well. Frank has more than 20 million worth of online sales, so the info, reflects that. And there is certainly a few gold nuggets here and there, that will save time and money. Well worth signing up for!


  • All up a high quality product, for a reasonable price tag, and the money and time, (possibly years) saved, makes it more than worthwhile to purchase!
  • Cons:

  • A total newbie may have to wait a while to use the doubling your conversions bonus video service, but as said before, waiting a while to almost double your profits is still great, especially since it is free to find out where it is!
  • The Frank Kern bonus audio, (and transcript) isn’t high quality, but the info, is!
  • Can’t really knock the actual product, the videos and e-book cover the system thoroughly and if you follow the step by step instructions, creating a product or finding one is a breeze. Also a total newbie can create their own product for very little money, and as easily as it is claimed. Creating a website, free blog for your product will require some effort, but remember that this is a real opportunity, so some effort is necessary; although you can pay someone to create or manage your site, if you are a 100% newbie?

    Well that’s about it, hope that you have enjoyed my Traffic Mastermind review, and remember that if you have been online for a while or are just starting out, this Traffic Mastermind product can give you a couple of years head start, and put you on a proven path to success. Well worth a look!

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