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Trade While You Golf Review

Review Of Trade While You Golf : Let your money work for you on stocks, bonds, futures, Forex, ETFs.

In the financial trading scene, many software applications and courses have been published which promise six-digit earnings and risk-free strategies. They might more or less live up to the expectations, but the common denominator of most of them is that:

  1. they chase after intraday price movements;
  2. they rely on complicated software, like real-time robots or backtesting platforms;
  3. they only work on a particular financial market;
  4. they are based on an unique feature of this market, which may impossible to exploit for some trader or may last just for a limited period, then disappear.

What differentiates Trade While You Golf, the new trading solution for any financial market, from the competition is that:

  1. it doesn’t require more than one trade per day to be profitable, so there’s no need to sit in front of the monitor all the time or to continuously check your smartphone;
  2. it only relies on simple computations done through spreadsheet software, at closed markets;
  3. it is cross-market, working on stocks, bonds, Forex, index and commodity futures, options, ETFs;
  4. it provides the reader with the tools to build a wide range of trading systems, mainly based on correlations between financial instruments and moving averages, from which (s)he can pick the more profitable ones in any given period.

The Trade While You Golf course is delivered through a neatly edited 120-page, 10-chapter PDF eBook packed with information, strategies, charts, real-time case studies, tips, tricks, all the tool set to allow even the less experienced trader to quickly build a cash flow-generating machine in no time.

The first chapter of “Trade While You Golf” talks about the author, a seasoned videogame designer and IT professional who applied his expertise to the financial markets in the past eleven years before distilling his findings in this Trade While You Golf course.

Trade While You Golf Chapter 2 is an overview of the main financial markets on which the modern trader can operate nowadays, explaining the types of order available on them, their differences and similarities, their pros and cons, and the different capitalization needed to operate on the futures market rather than the Forex, for instance. This will be particularly useful for the novice traders, speeding up their learning curve towards a more advanced level.

Trade While You Golf Chapter 3 is about the price dynamics and defines the basic parameters to be considered when building a trading system, in particular when setting the entry, stop loss and take profit prices.

Trade While You Golf Chapter 4 talks about the different time frames available to the trader and demonstrates in a rather convincing way that the one-day position duration gives the best results in most cases.

Trade While You Golf Chapter 5 go into great detail explaining which are the parameters to provide as an input when building a trading system (the “knobs” the trader can act upon), and the output factors from which to assess a trading system performance.

Trade While You Golf Chapter 6 is entirely devoted to the money management techniques, which are one of the most overlooked factors in this area and can literally make or break a successful trader.

Trade While You Golf Chapter 7 is the core of the course and puts together all the info provided in the previous chapters, explaining how to build a winning strategy to create and select your trading system on any market and in any condition, be it bearish, bullish or sideways. It also reports five case studies, detailing recent applications of the Trade While You Golf method on real-world markets, the first four on the FOREX pairs: EURAUD, EURGBP, GBPCAD and USDJPY, the fifth on the crude oil future. These alone are worth the price of the course, since they provide the reader with at least three ready-to-use trading systems with a ROI in excess of 500% per year, which can be applied starting from today.

Trade While You Golf Chapter 8 tackles the 8 most common trading errors and explains how to avoid them.

The Trade While You Golf eBook closes with some final considerations and a glossary where the terms and acronyms used in the course are conveniently gathered together.

In conclusion, the “Trade While You Golf” trading program delivers what it promises and provides any trader with a formidable weapon to win the financial markets game, regardless of his or her experience level. Highly recommended.

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