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Clive Monaghan, Newark, New Jersey
I’m not historically a gambler, as you would call it but after being laid off from work and not being employed for a while, I am in great need of a source of income. While I searched for jobs online, I came across the Roulette Guy Secret ebook ad that I disregarded at first. Went on with my business which was to look for work. But when my search for a job turned in vain, I looked for that ad again.

The Real Roulette Guy Secret Results

It said for the investment of $99, I can have the key to unlocking the secrets to winning roulette. The moment I was through reading it, I put it to the test, registered at an online casino, and deposited $100. With my inexperience, I only increased my earnings to $350.75, which I thought was very good. I, at least, wanted my initial investment back. But, I went on with it making small risks and got $1,1658.30 all in all on my first month gambling. So confirmed it is no scam (obviously) I go at it once in a while, and it has assured my wins and decreased my losses.

Final Thoughts

The Roulette Guy Secret works in any online casino. I surely will be using what I have learned to earn my lifetime income if only for a few hours or days per week. I would rather keep this a secret, but, really this is no gimmick.

Brad Uhlhorn, Dresden, Germany
I make bets online. It is much safer than playing in online casinos, which I barely do because my losses are higher. So when I read that ad on the betting site I am on, I figured it’s a sham.

The Real Roulette Guy Secret Results

Reading some reviews from its successful readers nudged me on the inside. I subscribed and got a couple of free tips from their website and gave those a shot, it worked. From $75, my money went up to $200.41. So I bought the Ebook Roulette Guy Secrets for a price it deserves $99 but is worth much more. I took big chances and paid down $1,000 which doubled on my first week. In 4 months, I have around $30,000 from roulette using the tricks I learned from “Roulette Guy Secrets”.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this book and certify its secrets to be as good as it claims to be. My winning chances got higher and losses very minimal. Unless casinos find a way to fight the system, which I find impossible, I will be earning my first million pretty soon.

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Yuri Thwaithes, The City- London
I’m a 27 year old dude and have been playing in casinos for 3 years now. My winnings rely primarily on chance, and it’s not good. I make a good $100-$200 weekly, if chances are good. My last game, I lost $3,000 by playing roulette and I want to get it back.

The Real Roulette Guy Secret Results

While researching for techniques to casino games, I came across an ad where the author, Michael, says “I have solved the secret to playing roulette and winning on a regular basis!” for a price, and his secrets don’t come cheap. I would be gambling on this one again, and I loathed the idea. So I figured I’d sell it if it doesn’t work. I took time studying his methods, and it just gets even more exciting. Once I finished, I got up and headed to a random casino. He said this will work in any casino. I bet a low $100, and didn’t expect to get it back fast ($225). I grew my $100 that day, to an outstanding $2,162.35.

Final Thoughts

I wonder up to this point why he felt he had to share his secrets to beating the wheel, but thank God he did. I’m gonna continue to play and win as much money as I can. The Roulette Guy Secrets roulette system works is truly amazing. Never thought it could be so easy to win.

Chase Buckley, Caledonia, Missouri
I worked for a casino for 15 years and beating roulette is unheard of. At least, we have had no experience of any one man, coming here and always winning. The casino company I work for always needs updates of machines, new games, interior style ideas etc. So while I did my usual research, I somehow managed to get in the webpage of It seemed interesting at the time, and myself working for a casino, this could be interesting.

The Real Roulette Guy Secret Results

The amount of $99 was no deal for me. I bought it and 2 minutes after paying online later, I received the Ebook. I read it and wanted to try it, but I can’t at the casino I am working for. Then the company had an all-employees night and I got to play the wheel. I won for myself a trip to Macau. I thought, “This is pretty alright.” That’s where all the winning happened. I had $500 in my pocket and tried the system, In a week’s travel (or playing) I came home with $2500. Now that is more than OK.

Final thoughts

I highly recommend the Roulette Guy Secret. If you’re not willing to risk, that’s a shame. I guess I will be playing in other casinos and have money when I need it.

Iris Minelli, Ithaca, New York
A friend told me I should check The Roulette Guy Secrets Ebook online to see what it is about. I am on my maternity leave working as a Document Control Manager in a steel-detailing firm and got nothing better to do. So I entered my email on their mailing list and got some newsletters and even free tips. This book claims to have the secrets to beating roulette and winning on a regular basis.

The Real Roulette Guy Secret Results

I bought the book for only $99. I t said it will work in any casino so I registered and played at an online casino. I started with $250 and got the hang of it quite easily, even though I have never played before, which is really cool. That first day I won $594.04 which means I increased my original investment by 200%. Turns out this is better to do than sitting around. That week, I won $1062,91 for playing for a few hours.

Final Thoughts

While I am being paid on maternity leave, I am just glad to have some extra income, and big at that. I’d love to play roulette full-time for the money aspect of it, but I still prefer to keep my job and do this for a few hours each week. Anyway, the wins are sure, and I can have money when I need it. This is no scam. This is the work and dedication of a man who has done me great service through his skills, observation, and experience. Truly worth every penny!

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John Whitlocke, Beacon, New York
I am a grandpa and I love goin’ to em casinos to enjoy myself. I mostly lose but that’s alright cos I do it for fun. One of the websites I was checkin led me to It said a bunch of things I find hard to believe but I gotta go check it out.

The Roulette Guy Secret Results

The Roulette Guy Secret is a book. $99 for that electronic book I will win at my favourite game of wheels. The reading was a breeze and really interesting. Thanks to the book I have a $1,503.75 on my first week from $400. I swore I’d write a review if this worked.

Final Results

Well, my feedback is positive. It worked for me and it should work for all of you. I just wana enjoy the rest of my days in luxury like my man Mikeso I will keep doing this for a while. With my skills in roulette now, there’s no stoppin me. Thanks for the secrets. Really thankful.

Sanyam Mukopadhyay, Goa, India
Hi, I’m Sanyam from Goa, india. I heard bout the Roulette Guy Secret from my best friend. He told me to read it though i’m not interested in gambling. He invited me to watch him play online roulette and see for myself. We were drinking while he was playing but he still won. So i bought that book too and now we play always after work .Now i can afford to travel with my family around the world.

My family is very proud of me and supporting me because here it is hard to earn so much money.

I want to thank Michael who wrote the book. Ok, not time anymore. Need to play

Moritz Wieloch, Karlskona, Sweden

I lost my job few months ago but not because of the bad economy because i started to earn lots of money with online roulette thanks to Roulette Guy Secret. Wishe d i found that book earlier then.

No need to work anymore because i make a few thousand dollars a month with that and no annoying boss or officemate bugging me. Did the hard work in that company but the payment was low.

Now i can choose when i wanna “work” and where i want to. I even played at the beach with a laptop.. That’s how earning money should be like.

I didn’t find the book expensive at all coz i was sure i’ll get the money back since it reveals how to play like a pro. I had some experience in casinos beofre but it was just for fun.

I recommend that book Roulette Guy Secret for the people who are sick of office work and being bossed around. Just play roulette a few days a week and then u don’t have to worry about bills or groceries anymore.

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Prithi Hutagalung, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
I live in the center of Kuala Lumpur as customer service agent. The pay is good but not enough you know. While I was assisting a client finding information for her, I saw the ad for “Roulette Guy Secret” and bookmarked it. I read and can’t believe what it is saying- that I can beat roulette and win money just by playing. So many time you see websites or find information about all making money. I never believe but I receive free tips one time and it works.

I decide I will buy it. It is a lil bit expensive in Malaysian Ringgit but I want to know if this will make me more money. So I bought with my Paypal and received an ebook in less than 5 minutes. I am very excited to read it because it’s cool book. I learn a lot and when I played I used the first tip in the book and I really won $50. It’s a lot of fun playing and even more winning!

I’m only 25 years old but have around $9,000 in savings from online roulette and here in Malaysia it is very very big money already. I will be buying a farm for my father, and in two weeks of playing I will be able to. I just want to share the secret. Thanks to Mike and The Roulette Guy Secret.

00012 The Roulette Guy Secret Reviews00012 The Roulette Guy Secret ReviewsVisit Roulette Guy Secret Official Site Here:

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