The HappyQuit Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking System Review

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Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking System Review

Review Of HappyQuit Hypnotherapy Quit Smoking Audio System

Quit Smoking, Again!

Quit Smoking is the traditional New Year’s Resolution for those unfortunate souls who are addicted to the evil cigarettes! And let’s face it, if you’re a smoker then giving up that harmful habit is really the best thing you can do.

How long does it take to quit smoking

So every New Year millions of addicts convince themselves that they’ve had their last cigarette and that this year it really will be different. But how long does the average smoker’s resolve last? How long will it be before the niggling nicotine itch becomes unbearable and you convince yourself that you’ll just have one and then “That’s It!” you’ll quit forever.

Coffee And Nicotine.

I know, because I’ve been there. I used to smoke and I used to quit smoking every January 1st regular as clockwork. Sometimes I’d last a few days. More often I’d last a few hours.

With the hangover would come the good strong coffee. And what is the best thing to have with that first cup? Why a cigarette, of course!

Good News, Bad News.

So what’s the answer? Is it possible to quit? Any smoker with a TV or an internet connection knows the dangers of smoking. You’ll also be aware of all the amazing drugs and nicotine replacement therapies available to help wean you off the nicotine. Smoking cessation is really big business and there are plenty of products out there that promise an easy fix to your addiction.

Ex-Smoker or Non-Smoker

There is only one way to really quit smoking successfully. You have to stop wanting to smoke. Simple, right? Actually it IS simple once you grasp the difference between a non-smoker and an ex-smoker. An ex-smoker is the one you see in the bar complaining about the smoke, coughing sarcastically as someone near lights up and hovering round smokers at the restaurant doorway waiting to be offered a cigarette, so they can make a big deal of refusing… or more likely, accepting a cigarette “reluctantly”. The ex-smoker STILL WANTS TO SMOKE!

The non-smoker just isn’t bothered. Doesn’t want to smoke, doesn’t think about smoking and isn’t concerned about other people smoking.

Happyquit Mind Reprogramming

The Happyquit audio uses hypnotherapy to change the way you think about smoking. On the downloadable Mp3 audio (so you can listen to it on your phone, iPod, computer or CD player) is a pleasant British voice that takes you through a relaxation and visualization procedure that changes the way you think about smoking. There’s relaxing music an you feel yourself drifting into a deep relaxing state. The trick with any of these audio hypno programs is to keep listening to them. They work. But you have to work with them.

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