“The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit” Review

Publisher: Marriage Green Card Kit

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Marriage Green Card Kit Review

Reviw Of The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit: A Comparison to Other Green Card Kits on the Market

Preparing all the necessary documents and filling out all the forms required by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is quite an undertaking. Some people try to do it themselves but are so overwhelmed by the process that they turn in exasperation to an expensive immigration attorney.

Unfortunately, the cost of hiring an attorney can be astronomical –typical cases can cost in excess of $5,000. Yet, if you really want to live in America with your spouse, you have to get a green card.
Luckily there is an alternative way to file for a marriage green card that will guide you every step of the way while not breaking the bank.

There are a few of “Green Card Kits” on the market that guide couples through the process of obtaining a green card through marriage to a U.S. citizen. There are none more thorough, well organized and helpful than The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit published by Zephyrus Media.

I’ve looked at other marriage green card kits and many of them are unprofessional, sloppy, poorly written and most dangerously, inaccurate. Many appear like they are tossed-off by law firms to make a quick buck, or worse, to be purposely complicated and demoralizing so that readers feel compelled to make an appointment with a lawyer.

One popular kit on the market is so disorganized that it looks like each page was written by a separate person with no knowledge of what the other person was doing –it’s a mess. The writing is so dense that you would have to be a lawyer to decipher the turgid text. The most disappointing part of that kit was that it always provided many explanations for all the easy entries but was silent on the hard questions that you bought the kit for in the first place. For example, on most of the USCIS forms they ask you for your basic biographic information such as your name, address etc. This kit provides copious explanations for these simple sections that are really unnecessary, but when it comes to the hard questions, like what is the Nonimmigrant Visa Number, they abandon you.

It is exactly these points that impress me about The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit. They don’t wimp-out on the hard questions; in fact, this is where they really go to work and provide all the help you could ask for.

Most of the marriage green card kits out there are not really kits. They are just shoddy eBooks. For example, the popular kit that I mentioned above is just a measly 19 pages of content.

The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit, on the other hand, is a “kit” in the true sense of the word. It consists of five parts. Part one alone is nearly 80 pages of helpful tips and advice. Inside you will find dozens of tips to help you through the marriage green card process such as step-by-step instructions for completing every question on every form (with no wimping out on the hard questions), how to assemble your package for faster processing, tips on preparing for the interview, sample interview questions, how to remove conditions on residency, what to bring to the biometrics appointment, and (my personal favorite) a detailed chart of all attachments required for each form. This chart can save you so much time at the copy machine and help you organize and keep track of all your documents. For example, if you want to know how many copies of your birth certificate you need to copy and what forms to attach the copies to, just take a look at the chart and you’ll see that you need three copies total and you should attach them to forms I-130, I-145 and I-765.

All of this is included in part one, there are still four more parts filled with helpful info.

Part two of The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit is a series of checklists for each of the major steps in the application process. There is one for the initial filing, one for the Biometrics appointment, one for the Adjustment of Status (AOS) interview and another for your I-751 petition.

Part three consists of all the USCIS forms filled out with examples. Again, this comes in handy when you’re stuck on a confusing question on one of the official forms.Part four includes templates and sample sheets for common attachments to your application such a letter from your employer, a translator’s certificate and a sworn affidavit. This saves you a ton of time by allowing you to adapt these pre-made forms to your needs instead of generating them from scratch.
Finally, part five contains all the required government (USCIS) forms needed for your application in fill-in PDF format. This way you don’t have to worry about finding and downloading all the forms and you can type all your entries which makes your application much neater and therefore might get it approved faster.

After praising The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit, I feel obliged to tell you of one potential caveat… It’s not the cheapest kit on the market. Some other guides sell for as low as $50, many sell for $80 or so, but The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit costs a bit more than those. However, The Complete Marriage Green Card Kit blows all other kits out the water, and frankly, it’s in a league of its own. As far as green card kits go, you get what you pay for. Would you pay $80 for a mediocre eBook or a pay a few dollars more for the most comprehensive, high quality kit on the market? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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