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Review Of The Carbohydrate Addicts Manual

It’s difficult not to have little angry moments while reading the book, The Carbohydrate Addicts Manual. It’s very reminiscent of the exposure of the tobacco industry’s lies and deceit in the Eighties. This is an important book because it exposes an industry that doesn’t hesitate to promote factory produced, long life, packaged products and then have the gall to label it healthy Food. It is a travesty that they can now produce a box of cereal and launch it as a Protein Food.

So let’s take The Carbohydrate Addicts Manual through its paces.

Is there a need for this Carbohydrate Addicts Manual product?

YES. According to statistics, sixty % of the population today are overweight. Most are considered carbohydrate addicts. It’s estimated that number will reach eighty % by the year 2020. What we experience is an ever growing population and we are not talking about numbers.

The obesity epidemic we witness today is a mere precursor to what is to come. Type2 diabetes, an entirely diet related, life threatening disease. It is already muted as the next looming epidemic. In other words: We are not just talking about the future health of ourselves and our children, we are talking about our lives.

Are there other similar products?

YES and NO. There are many products/diets that advocate low carbohydrates. That’s in recognition of the fact that most carbohydrates are not good for us. But that’s like advocating that alcoholics cut down on their drinking. The Carbohydrate Addicts Manual is the only product that provides a cure for the addiction that causes obesity and type2 diabetes. It is also the only product that acknowledges the addiction and offers a meaningful and successful solution.

Does the product provide a “How To” education for the reader?

YES. It not only proves historically, how why and when the addiction took root. It proves who and what was responsible for the numbers of carbohydrate addicts today and how this has led to an official obesity epidemic. The book is a manual in that it provides the information and tools to cure not only the addiction experienced by the individual but the entire family.

According to the Carbohydrate Addicts Manual, as long as people remain addicted to carbohydrate, no diet and that includes a low carbohydrate diet, can provide permanent weight loss. Once someone is cured of carbohydrate addiction, not only will they never need to diet again, they are strongly urged Never To Diet At All!

Is The Carbohydrate Addicts Manual product unique?

YES. There seems to be a reluctance to acknowledge carbohydrate addiction as a genuine addiction. People talk about the good and the bad carbohydrates. NOBODY talks about the addiction. That’s what this book is about. It is reminiscent of the Tobacco Industry’s denials in the eighties. They lied and they misled people and that is exactly what is going on today.

Too much money and too many taxes are tied up in an addiction that nobody likes to call by name. A carbohydrate addict suffers the same symptoms as any other addict. Uncontrollable urges to indulge. The complete denial of their addiction. A habit of shifting blame of their abuse to causes or events beyond their control. Frequent cravings and hunger pains a short time after indulging. A gradual very serious change in weight, pallor and general wellbeing. Sudden lengthy binges often connected to emotional events. These are all classic symptoms of addiction, whatever the substance. The symptoms suffered are equally unpleasant and destructive for carbohydrate addicts.

Does The Carbohydrate Addicts Manual product work?

YES. The author takes the reader on a tour of events over the past forty years that prove conclusively how the obesity epidemic has developed and why it never had to happen. She explains how she herself struggled with diets and weight problems for more than twenty years. How she turned her own addiction and weight problem around and has remained slim and healthy for more than seven years – without a diet.

Can you cure your addiction without the manual?

YES and NO. It is not enough to learn how to do something that requires you to change. You need the will and the motivation to follow through on any big decision. A solid foundation of knowledge and understanding is essential. You never want to forget why you have decided to act. What has brought you to that decision and why doing it is a far better alternative for your benefit – Than Not Doing It.

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