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Review Of The Beginners Guide to Bridge

The e-book “The Beginners Guide to Bridge” at is different from most other bridge sites in that it sets out to teach people how to play the game of bridge from scratch even if they have no previous experience of playing card games at all.

The game of bridge is played by four players. Don’t worry if you would like to learn the game but can’t find enough people to make up a four. This e-book “The Beginners Guide to Bridge” is aimed at a world-wide market, but particularly targets those people who live on their own, or have no-one else in the house who wants to learn, or are unable to access a bridge club which offers training on how to play the game.

The e-book “The Beginners Guide to Bridge” is set out very logically and clearly, and comprises sixteen separate sections. This layout enables the reader to understand the contents of each chapter before going on to the next section, and also allows them to proceed at their own individual pace in learning how to play the game.

The writer’s enthusiasm for the game of bridge comes across very strongly right through the e-book “The Beginners Guide to Bridge“. He is confident that every reader will be able to follow the texts and end up reaching a high standard which will allow them to become good bridge players either socially or at bridge clubs.

The author is totally supportive of the view that playing bridge is one of those activities which can really help people to enjoy life to the full for many, many years and fend off the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time it is equally attractive and challenging for younger people who want to sharpen their minds and intellect. To misquote a well known saying it is ‘a game for all seasons (of life)’.

Right at the beginning of the e-book “The Beginners Guide to Bridge“, the author gives the reader some very essential advice – choose your bridge partner wisely. If you don’t things may become very difficult. There is a case on record in the USA which ended up with the wife being charged with murdering her husband –all over the game of bridge!

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