The 2011 Formula One Guide Review

Publisher: The 2011 Formula One Racing Guide

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The 2011 Formula One Guide Review

Review Of The 2011 Guide to Formula One Racing

The 2011 Formula One Guide is a book designed to assist a viewer or listener to the racing season. It is a well researched book with ample illustrations and diagrams explaining the myriad of mysteries which surround formula one. The author certainly knows his stuff and has produced a guide that is clear and concise. He has also committed to report on all changes that take place during the season by email to each purchaser of the book.

This is no overpriced 12 page eBook, it is a 162 page guide which looks at all aspects of the top motor racing sport. Specifically as the author spells out it is about the whole of the sport going through the When, Where, Who, With What and The Restraints.

The when is the FIA calendar which is conveniently placed on the front cover.

The where is the various racing circuits. These racing circuits are dealt with in detail with the gear the car is likely to be in and the cars’ speed at various turns and straights. The tracks’ surface is discussed as well as the likely car setup. The impact of these on the tyres durability is highlighted along with the brake wear.

The who is the racing teams and the drivers. The history of the teams is gone into which in itself is a fascinating read. The driver’s racing biography is shown with their path to formula one.

The with what is the cars and their technology. The cars specification is spelt out and all the technology is explained. Want to know how KERS works exactly. A clear explanation is given with a superb diagram. Aerodynamics, suspension, wheels and rims are written about in a easy to understand form.

The restraints are the formula or rules which govern the sport. Again the rules are explained and their impact on performance spelt out.

There is also a history of car racing which is fascinating.

A very good read.

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