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Super Easy Chinese Review

I’m Wang, the creator of the Super Easy Chinese Teaching System —the most powerful way of speaking Chinese for every people. My audio lessons have been testing for more than 10000 people in the world. They are giving the same results that this is best and easiest way to improve your Chinese speaking.

I started Super easy Chinese to help you Speak Chinese Easily, and Fast. Imagine if I took the best ideas and the best research from the best experts in the world, and used them to create a totally new kind of Chinese lesson- would that be exciting?

Well, that’s exactly what I did. Super Easy Chinese uses secrets that work– the newest ideas from the top language experts in the world and also my own experience.

The Super Easy Chinese system is totally new and different. It is completely different than the old study methods you used in the past.

You have never used lessons like these!

Languages should be learned subconsciously, not consciously. The research shows that subconscious learning of chinese is much better than consciously “studying” the language.

In countless studies, the result is always the same: students who learn chinese subconsciously learn faster and better than students who use traditional, conscious, analytical study methods.

So, what exactly are subconscious methods and what are the traditional conscious methods?

Well, you already know the old conscious way of learning chinese. You use your conscious brain to analyze chinese grammar, memorize chinese vocabulary, and translate chinese messages. This is the method you used in school. You consciously studied the mechanics of chinese, as if it was a car. You cut up chinese with your mind and then studied the parts…. word by word,… rule by rule.

The result, as you know, is that you know a lot about chinese grammar rules and translations– but you can’t speak well and you can’t understand native speakers.

Subconscious methods are more effective. These methods provide understandable chinese input to your brain… and then your subconscious brain does all of the rest of the work. Consciously, all you do is enjoy chinese stories, articles, conversations, movies, and novels. You never think about grammar rules. You never attempt to memorize words.

Of course, the Super Easy Chinese System is a subconscious learning system. You learn grammar by listening to our crazy Mini-Stories. We carefully repeat grammar patterns during the story… but you don’t think about any rules. You just listen and enjoy the story consciously… but subconsciously, your brain learns chinese grammar.

When you learn in this way, you can actually use the grammar too! Your spoken and written chinese grammar will improve tremendously. And it will be stress free. It will feel automatic– you’ll just say things better and write things better and it will feel effortless. You won’t be thinking about rules at all!

You must trust yourself. So many students are afraid to use subconscious methods because they don’t trust their own brains. They are afraid to relax and enjoy chinese learning. They are afraid to let the learning happen naturally and effortlessly. Unfortunately, these fearful students almost never learn to speak chinese well.

Don’t be one of those students. Change your way of learning. Learn chinese subconsciously and finally speak excellent chinese!

If you use the lessons every day for 6 months and don’t speak Chinese better, you actually make money. But I know you will not ask for your money- you will be happy and successful and will speak Chinese more quickly, more easily, and more correctly. No bookstore will guarantee the textbooks you buy. No teacher will return your money if you don’t learn anything. But I will!

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Super Easy Chinese Review – Speak Chinese Easily, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


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