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Stretch This Review

Review Of “Stretch This” : How to Stretch

Right from the start, you know that Chris Weiler, author of the eBook Stretch This! has created something very powerful. Something that will forever change how you address your stretching and flexibility goals.

“Whose it for? It’s for everyone. It’s for you – the Coach, Trainer, Athlete and you, Joe Average, looking to improve mobility and have greater ease of movement in life.”

For those of you who are late arriving in the 21st century, eBook stands for electronic book, a book packaged in an electronic format that can be delivered and read on your computer so you don’t need a Kindle to use it.

Videos Built Right Into “Stretch This” eBook!

“Traditional bound books, along with most eBooks are poor vehicles to instruct someone in how to use their body,” states author Chris Weiler. “To properly instruct someone, they need to see movement along with the verbal guidance in order to understand to nuances of how to use their bodies.”

To this end, Stretch This! has been created as an eBook with the instructional videos built right into the book. This is a very smart and beneficial use of technology for those who buy Stretch This!

What this means is that while you are reading your eBook, you can click on any of the videos to visually understand exactly what you are reading. If this were a book on the history of stretching, then static (text and pictures) pages would suffice. But this is a how to book and for that you need to see movement.

Easy! Fast! Results!

The objective – create a model of how to stretch that everybody can use to improve their flexibility. This model needed to be simple, effective and easy to use for all flexibility needs.

“Models are dynamic and flexible, while systems are static and inflexible” states Chris Weiler. “Stretch This! does not teach you how to stretch for yoga, martial arts, dance or soccer. It teaches you how to stretch – period. Then you can take that knowledge, that model and apply it to any goal, like yoga, martial arts, dance and soccer.”

From competitive athletes to the sedentary population, Stretch This! delivers on its objectives.

“Get this, it only takes 5 minutes to learn – that’s it!”

Simplicity and being respectful of the users time is part of the Stretch This! model. It is one of the most direct, thorough, yet brief books on the market today – (Thank You)!

Upon purchase, you enter the password you were emailed. Click on the download link and begin viewing your eBook right on your computer – easy. You also can view Stretch This! on your iPad, iPhone or download all videos and burn them to a DVD for viewing on your television.

It’s refreshing to see a product that has been designed from the user’s perspective and needs.

Use on your Computer, Online, iPad or Burn to DVD… We’ve got you covered.

Another powerful component of Stretch This! is that you are also supported with online videos in formats that everyone can view. Not only can you view the eBook and videos on your personal computer offline, but you can also view them online with any computer including the iPad.

“The thing Has No Power” is the guiding principle that supports everything Chris Weiler creates. He does not believe in giving the power for change to “magic” exercises, stretches, positions, or pieces of equipment. Instead he creates models of use that teaches you how to properly apply specific variables that everyone can use to achieve powerful and healthy bodies for life.

Do yourself a favor right now. Go to Stretch This! Official Site and get your copy of Stretch This! and begin your journey to a more powerful and flexible you.

Visit Stretch This! Official Site Here:


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