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Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course

Review Of Acting Career Quick Start

The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course teaches new actors: Discover the #1 Secret to starting an acting career quickly without wasting any time at all!

Here are some classic that new actors have.

  1. Can’t find an agent,
  2. Spend time looking for auditions and can’t find them,
  3. Desperately looking for someone to introduce them to an agent or producer, but can’t find anyone to do that for them,
  4. Don’t have the money they need to take classes, get headshots, etc.,
  5. Don’t know what to put on their resume if they have no experience,
  6. Don’t know how to start their acting career if they live in a small town,
  7. Waste time asking the wrong people for help,
  8. The list goes on and on.

If you want to start an acting career and you have some of those symptoms, then this Home-Study Course Acting Career Quick Start. The course will resolve all those symptoms and if you apply what you learn, you will learn the business of acting and start getting your first acting jobs within the first few months of the course. Not only that, but you will set yourself up to get regular auditions, have an agent, get casting directors to call YOU in for auditions directly and as a consequence, book acting jobs regularly!

Here’s what you get.

The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course consists of 24 video modules over a 6-month period.

The main part of the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course consists of:

  1. Step-by-step instruction each week on video (1-1.5 hours: link sent directly to your email box),
  2. Downloadable materials you can read at your leisure,
  3. Monthly webinars during which you get to ask questions and interact with other course participants.

All course participants are also then entitled to:

  • 4 Free Bonuses:
    1. Tony’s (the author) “First 3 Months” of his acting career ebook (He explains everything he did to get more than 200 auditions and 8 acting jobs in less than three months.
    2. How to Convince Anyone of Anything, Anytime!
    3. Presenting With Impact! (How to give great presentations)
    4. How To Overcome Stage Fright
  • 4 Surprise Bonuses given throughout the program
  • Mp3 audio of all course videos (coming soon!)
  • Free type, headshot, resume and cover letter evaluation,
  • Interactive blog for course participants,
  • Free personalized email support
  • One of the things we like about this product is that not only does it provide the new actor with easy-to-understand, step-by-step instruction, the author also walks his talk. He teaches actors how important it is to create value for their customers (casting directors, agents, directors, producers, etc.) and he himself does the exact same thing with his course.

    The entire course is available for $37/month, which to us seems unbelievable to get so much value for such a low price. It’s like having your own mentor available to you personally for 6 full days. You can go back and watch the videos anytime you want, ask questions and read over the course materials.

    We highly recommend The Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course for anyone who wants to start an acting career and who has no time to waste!

    Go visit to find out the #1 secret to starting your acting career.

    The author of this Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course, Anthony Smith is a former Nike Executive turned actor, author, event host and motivational speaker. He brings much needed business knowledge to the acting industry.

    Visit the Acting Career Quick Start Home-Study Course Official Site Here:


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