Rank Checker Review

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Rank Checker Review

Every web site owner wants and has to be in the first Google organic search pages, in order to generate free traffic. First step should be to find the proper keywords that he/she can optimize web site pages to rank in Google search. The scope of this article is not to give you an idea ok how to do keyword research. If you want to learn more about keyword research techniques please visit: http://www.antzsoftware.com/recommends/keywordelite.htm web site and you can download some very useful free videos and documents.

After you generate the keywords list that you will want to rank for, you start promote you website: write articles, video marketing, social bookmarking and networks, etc. You website will step by step starts to rank in Google search. Now, how you know on witch position you are? How do you know what is the free traffic tactic is proper for your web site and for your keywords? You have 2 options:

  1. Do all the process manually. For each keyword you search on Google, page by page and see what the current position is. Save the results in a file for later analysis. Think about you having a couple of websites and bunch of keywords you want to rank for. How much time this will take you?
  2. Do it automatically. Use a tool where you can define all your websites, keywords and just click a Run button. All process will start automatically and you can now join nice and hot coffee as you results will start appear on your computer screen.

As you may figure out, we’ve created Rank Checker, a tool that helps you get Google keywords search positions with only one click. It is very simple and intuitive! It will take you only 4 steps to get results:

  1. Add and setup a web site to the system
  2. Optional you can add competitors url for the new added website. Rank Checker will review their results in Google search also
  3. Add keyword for you web site. Each time you want to check how you stay in the Google search result for your keywords, just click “Start” button. This way you will have a history on you keywords web positions.
  4. Analyses your results. From time to time you can analyze how your keywords rank in Google search and why? Based on you notes of what traffic strategies you applied you can find out what best suites you and your websites.

The best news is that Rank Checker is free. There is a totally no charge version for the beginners who have only 1 website and want to start with a couple of keywords.

  1. Download Rank Checker Software Free Trial Here:
  2. Download Rank Checker Software Full Version Here:
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Rank Checker Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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