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Product Marketing Kit Review

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“The biggest challenge for inventors has always been finding the right information”, said Julie Franzen of Market University. “The Product Marketing Kit is essentially a step-by-step blueprint for inventors that has proven to be very effective.” The Product Marketing Kit helps inventors turn an invention idea into a viable retail product quickly if the product is commercially viable.

“Good ideas never have trouble finding a home”, said Baba BeltTM inventor Arik Bannister,” and the Product Marketing Kit just makes the whole process easy as fill-in-the-blanks.” The Product Marketing Kit includes real-world examples and tutorials that walk inventors through the entire process of selling or licensing an invention step-by-step. It also includes telephone scripts for contacting prospective partners or licensees, and scripts for contacting the media to get a product covered by news outlets.

“The Product Marketing Kit is like a business partner who has all the answers,” said Franzen, “a partner you don’t have to pay.” The kit is an aggregate of information from some of the world;s most successful inventors. The goal of the creators was to help inventors empower them selves, without relying on invention marketing scams. “Too many inventors throw money away with scam firms because they have no idea where to start or how easy it can really be to do it on your own,” said Bannister.

The Product Marketing Kit includes contracts for licensing, retail sales agreements, Non-disclosure agreements, and more. More and more people are learning that creating and selling, or licensing a product is often a more reliable path to financial freedom than working a 9-5 job. The Product Marketing Kit allows average people to cut to the chase and begin profiting from an invention idea quicker than ever before. One of the most helpful features of the Product Marketing Kit is probably the section on prototypes. In summary, the Product Marketing Kit is a very reliable, proven effective product for someone who wants to make money from an invention idea.

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