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My Article Site Pro Review

Review Of My Article Site Pro : The Easy To Install And Run Dynamic Article Directory Website

When it comes to making money online, My Article Site Pro article directory stands way above the rest, I’ve looked at other article management scripts that boast about the amount of money you can make. Yes, you can make money with these older scripts, but they only seem to offer Google Adsense as this means of making money online, which was OK a few years ago when you could actually make good money with just Google Adsense.

This is were My Article Site Pro differs from the rest. Most older article management websites are sold by people who are just sellers, this means that they cannot alter the scripts and keep them updated, My Article Site Pro has Paul Alan to keep an eye on the script and keep it up to date. Not only does My Article Site Pro use Google Adsense, but it also has incorporated ClickBank ads into the site, which can make you quite a lot of money per sale.

As well as the Adsense and Clickbank ads that show on each page, My Article Site Pro has a banner rotator that holds 25 banner ads that are shown randomly on each page, this alone makes My Article Site Pro stand out from the rest! You also get a license to use My Article Site Pro dynamic article website script on as many domains as you wish, just imagine the amount of niche article sites you could have.

I asked Paul Alan a couple of questions and this is what he said.

Q – Is My Article Site Pro as easy as you say it is to install and run?

A – “Before I launched My Article Site Pro last year (2010) I got my nephew who was 11 at the time to install it and he had no problems whatsoever. I’ve had one person who run into a problem after installing, but together we sorted it!”

Q – How much money can you make with My Article Site Pro?

A – “(Laughing) How long is a piece of string? Sorry, It depends on the person running the site, if they run it as a business there’s plenty of money to be made, a good example of this is Article Base, it’s taken just over five years to get to the position they are now, and they’re making thousands of dollars every single day 24/7. People who think that by just putting the site online then sitting back and doing nothing, will make nothing!”

Q – What tips have you got for future My Article Site Pro owners?

A – “What people don’t realise is that when you buy My Article Site Pro you also get the license to use it on as many domains as you wish, what a lot of professional marketers will do, and they’ll probably fall out with me for telling you this, is they will have ten plus article websites each with a niche, so if the niche was to do with relationships, the site would only have banner ads promoting relationship products. This way you are targeting your promotional materials 100% to the right crowd, these sites have thousands of pages, so you can imagine the sort of sales these guys are generating”

So if you want to join the ranks of the elite, and own and run your very own article directory empire, look no further, My Article Site Pro is for you. I highly recommend this product because of it’s ease to install and maintain, and above all it has everything you need to set up a legitimate online business that if run correctly will generate an income for years to come.

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My Article Site Pro Review - Best Article Directory Website Script, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings


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