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Mt Forex Robot Review

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EA is a fairy tales? If there is a good EA? Yes, now a lot of EA circulating in the market, but 99% is rubbish, Why? Because a lot of EA do not posses a long period of testing or validation on a real money account. Even the back-test results is very well, it is only for two or three years or the last few months, not to speak of several years of verification in real money account. It does not stand the validation of the vagaries of the forex market at all. So most of the EA are only a flash and will disappear after running in the market for a short time?

If you want to get non-conventional profit easily, If you’re tired of the ups and downs in the K line chart, If you have lost the last confidence in forex market, Mt Forex Robot is just what you need.

Metai Forex Robot is not like what as described above, it has been experienced the back-test for twelve years and six years of real money trading. It withstands the turbulent turning of the century in 2000 and the trial of the financial crisis in 2008. It does not only survive strongly, but more importantly, it also get extraordinary profits!

Metai Forex Robot system was studied by the U.S. Wall Street Trader team, It absorbed the ideas of domestic and foreign experts and learnt from the classical data model and also coupled with our long-term data through testing and validation of real money trading. So it is an intelligent trading system which can get stable and consistent profits.

The Mt Forex Robot system can be applied to a variety of currency pairs, and there are very detailed instructions.Parameters is small and easy to use.

The principle of this trading system is this: martingale.

Strategy Description:

If you lose money, you will need to martingale, if you are winning, you will need revert the trading lot size to the start lot size. This will enable you eventually make a profit! However, when martingale to the fourth it will be no longer doubled, you have to leave with admitting that you are lost. However, the probability of this situation is very less, it will not happen once in ten years time, almost 0.01%, it can be totally negligible. And you can adjust the accounts’ risk ratio which is also the ration of your trading funds to all capital, this will make your account more secure. Loss all deposite will never happen!

Someone say that this Mt Forex Robot system is large funds required, if the continuous loss occurs, how to do? Don’t worry, the following is why this system can be used in the forex market, but can be not used in the stock or futures market: First, it is a highly leveraged mechanism in forex market , it is not workable if you put this way into another market. Second, forex is a special commodity, it is currency, which doomed that it can not rise to the sky or fall to 0 (unless the country’s economic collapses).This point differs from stock and futures market essentially. It would be able to allow the market rise or fall to be around 600 points with a 10 thousands deposite account in this strategy. You know what is the probability that the market does not go back after running more than 600 points.

The person who knows a little trading will understand that a good trading system lies not in how high the profit is, but in its recovery rate after a loss. The reason of this system’s success is that it can recover.easily no matter how much you lost. An important principle is that the market is never a straight line, and no matter how strong the trend is, it will callback and volatile. As long as it can callback, you can earn back all lose by making use of these fluctuations. So this Mt Forex Robot system can be easily succeed and achieve profit stably.

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