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Review Of Maximum Hair Minimum Loss

This is a brand new hair loss and hair restoration education tool, written by renowned hair transplant veteran Spex. He reveals everything you need to know about hair loss and hair transplants.

Very seldom does an hair loss project come along that speaks from true
experiences and directly to the heart. Well I have had the pleasure of reading and learning from one finaly in “Maximum Hair Minimum loss“.

Unlike all the other ebooks and information on hair loss, you will instantly see this particular product is in a different league and standard to anything else on the market.

The reason why is simply down to the fact that the Author ‘Spex’ is a real life hair loss sufferer himself, who has gone through years of fighting and successfully overcoming his own personal hair loss situation. As he mentions on the product site he has something like 12,000 individual forum posts on all the top hair loss forums.

You can actually see his posts and he has rave reviews from all the people he has helped that have taken his advice over the years.  I must admit when I researched Spex I was refreshed to see real testimonials not only from hair loss sufferers in the forums but also from the top leading industry hair loss doctors!  

About the product : Maximum hair minimum loss.

First of all this Maximum hair minimum loss not just a simple pdf eBook that you see all over the Internet with dodgy outdated graphics knocked up by some basic Internet marketer!  This is something of the highest quality, its actually the first audio visual ‘multi media’ hair loss information tool ever made to this high level. 
Maximum hair minimum loss has 35 detailed videos that can be instantly viewed online and even better all the videos have been turned into ipod/iphone downloads and also in mp3 format, meaning we can sync them up with our gizmo’s and listen and watch whilst on the move.  For someone like me who has limited time to get educated, its brilliant I just uploaded them to my iphone 4 and viewed the modules and audio whilst getting the train to work!

The value is incredible for just $47 you get  3+ hours of very detailed hair loss information. I was totally engrossed from start to finish, I have never seen and or heard the information given in a video format before. 

The Maximum hair minimum loss product delivers everything you as a hair loss sufferer would ever need to know all in one place, in module 1 Spex graphically educates you on the real causes of male pattern baldness he then goes through the ONLY proven treatments and methods used today that actually work.  I knew about minoxidil, but never new about ‘the big 3’ hair loss treatments and how using them together can give you even more results.  Spex also gives his 10 years of experience here in how to maximize the effects of these treatments and also how to get the treatments at a fraction of the price!  I though hair loss treatments was a big financial outlay, not any more Spex shows you how, in fact the cost of buying maximum hair minimum loss is already negated thanks to the savings you will make with the information and resources he provides to you! 

What made this product so good is that he does not provide a miracle cure nor does Spex give you any hyped up potions and lotions typical of modern day hair loss eBooks.

I tried some of those ‘natural’ hair loss eBooks and wasted a few hundred dollars on vitamins, minerals and got nothing out of it.  Let’s get real here we ain’t go the time to mess around investing money and effort making shampoos and tonics with a pestle and mortar at home!

They don’t work. What he does give you is the FACTS and his proven methods to systematically go about starting your own journey towards stopping your hair loss.  

Not only that rather than hide away from the subject he also goes into hair restoration in amazing detail and how you can use modern state of the art hair transplantation as a the last resort to restore  more extensive hair loss.  I was blown away with what is really now possible with hair surgery.  And just like the rest of the product the hair restoration section is very comprehensive with examples of what can be achieved fantastic insights into when, how and who should consider hair transplantation and probably the most important thing the best hair transplant doctors to use.

If that was not enough Spex throws in a fantastic ebook called the’ hair raising truth’ which is such a good read again full of tips, tricks and mistakes that people often do and how you can avoid them.  This Maximum hair minimum loss product is simply fantastic, you only have to compare it to the what else is out there and you will instantly see this is the best $47 you could ever invest in your hair loss education. Yes that right ONLY $47! There are bogus hyped up eBooks that sell for the same price!  
Highly recommended!

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Maximum Hair Minimum Loss Review - stopping your hair loss, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings


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