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Massive Muscle Building System Review

Review Of Massive Muscle Building System – Build Muscle And Gain Weight Fast

Who is Adi Crnalic?

Adi Crnalic is a certified personal trainer, muscle building author and an INBF natural bodybuilder. Adi has placed in the top 3 at every bodybuilding competition he’s competed in so far, most notably taking first place at the 2008 INBF Natural Atlantic Coast Bodybuilding Championships.

In the past few years, Adi has written hundreds of muscle building and fitness articles for some of the most popular fitness and weight training websites.

Adi has transformed himself from being skinny and bullied in early high school, to becoming the biggest and strongest guy in his entire school by the time he was a junior and senior.

As you probably already know, Adi is not an “arm chair” expert who doesn’t practice what he preaches. He’s a living testament that anyone can undergo a dramatic body transformation with the right plan, regardless of genetics or past failures.

Who is the Massive Muscle Building System for?

The Massive Muscle Building System is designed to help hardgainers and skinny guys pack on muscle mass and strength without dangerous steroids, expensive supplements or long gym workouts.

If you’ve tried bodybuilding magazine workouts, expensive supplements, weight gain and protein powders and you still have a hard time gaining muscle, then the Massive Muscle Building System is for you.

Adi has carefully designed every part of this program so that everyone from the beginner who’s never lifted weights before, to the intermediate lifter who’ s been training for a few years can easily follow the program to make impressive muscle gains with very little to no fat gain.

This Massive Muscle Building program is not just an e-book on exercises and diet. It’s a complete step-by-step mass gain course with 11 components that are designed to take you through the entire process of building muscle mass in the quickest, most effective and straightforward means possible.

What’s Included In The Massive Muscle Building Program?

You get Instant download access to everything listed below:

Massive Muscle Building – 138 Page Training and Nutrition Master Manual

Inside the programs main e-Book, Adi explains the entire process of packing on muscle mass in the shortest time possible. From motivation and mindset techniques, to maximizing your muscle building hormones and avoiding dangerous muscle building myths.

Scientifically proven weight training, diet and recovery techniques that will help you gain ripped muscle are all covered in detail without the boring science or complicated terminology found in most bodybuilding books.

Inside the course material, Adi not only teaches you the training and nutrition techniques that he’s used to pack on 42 pounds of muscle in just 16 weeks, but also effective motivation, visualization and goal setting techniques which are all important to maximizing your mass gains.

Step-By-Step Weekly Workout Plans

This is where the Massive Muscle Building System shines and stands out from other programs. The program workouts are not just random sets, reps and exercises thrown together, but rather, they are uniquely designed week by week training plans that literally force your muscles to consistently grow bigger as you work your way through each 16 week training phase.

Once I completed the first 3 weeks of training phase one, my arms started looking a lot more muscular, my overall muscle mass increased and my strength went up on every lift.

Massive Muscle Building Meal Plans

Proper muscle building nutrition is vital to making huge mass gains. But it can get very confusing and it can be hard trying to figure out which foods to eat for muscle growth.

However, Adi makes it easy for you to consume all of your calories every day with the meal plans that are included in the program. He lays out all meals for your training and non-training days in a step-by-step format with preparation instructions and even gives you grocery lists for each meal plan.

Each meal plan includes a description of the exact amount of protein, carbohydrates and fats that you’ll be consuming in each meal as well as meal timing, frequency and meal schedule. There are a total of 4 meal plans included and Adi shows you how to choose the correct meal plan for your specific body type.

A food substitution chart is also included so that you can easily switch out any foods on the meal plans that you might not like.

Additional Core Program Components

Program Quick Start Guide
Weekly Progress Tracking Charts
Exercise Demonstration Guide
Macronutrient Calculator Software
Customized 30-Minute Workouts
How To Overcome Injuries Guide
Training With No Gym Guide
Bodybuilding Supplement Review Guide

Free Bonuses

1) Online Q &A Personal Trainer Database
2) Audio Interview With Adi Crnalic
3) Free Lifetime Program Updates

If you decide to upgrade to the platinum package, you’ll get 3 additional components including the audio version of the main e-Book, 1 on 1 private e-mail coaching with Adi and 4 additional customized muscle building meal plans.

What I did not like about the Massive Muscle Building System

Honestly, there wasn’t much that I did not like about this Massive Muscle Building program because it covers every part of the muscle building process in an easy to understand and detailed manner. But if I had to be picky, I’d be nice if Adi offered a hard copy version of the program along with the digital version, since there are a lot of PDF files that you’ll need to download once you’re inside the members’ area.

My Final Verdict

If you’re looking to pack on serious muscle size naturally without expensive supplements, unproven theory, steroids or complicated science, I highly recommend that you invest in this course.

At the price that it’s currently selling for, I felt like I stole the Massive Muscle Building program because of the huge amount of muscle building information that’s packed inside this course. If I had to rate it, I would have to give it my highest recommendation of 5 stars.

Click the link below to visit Adi’s website to read testimonials and to see the results others achieved with this Massive Muscle Building program. If you sign up for Adi’s Free muscle building newsletter, you’ll be taken to a special page where you can try out the entire program for 21 days for $4.95.

The last time I spoke with Adi, he informed me that he will be raising the price of the program soon. Click on the link below to secure your copy if you want to take advantage of the current special introductory discount.

Visit Massive Muscle Building System Official Site Here:


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