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Logo Monsters Review

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The other day I was having coffee with an old friend, and at some stage during the long-awaited catch-up, we started talking shop. “What’s new in your game?” I asked, with anticipation. He was always full of ideas and was forever building something new – another business in his portfolio of seemingly infinite products and moneymakers. He started by asking me a question – he always did. I knew he could read me like a book; the nervous excitement on my face like a child’s before opening his presents on Christmas morning. “Have you ever wondered how hassle-free life would be if you never had to remember a single login username and password for the rest of your life?”, he said.

Instantly a thousand ideas of what he could be building ran through my head and before I could offer one he continued with “and I’m not talking about having the same username and password for everything, I’m talking secure”. He then gave me the basic run down of his idea, all the while not giving away much at all. He never did, which is why I guess he’s so good at what he does. He’s the owner of several successful businesses. Plural. He gives nothing away for free – and why should he? That doesn’t make the money.

He’s an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word. He employs and allocates resources to see the successful completion of any project he’s planning. He knows he’s not the best programmer, nor the best graphic designer, but he knows how to get the job done.

I asked him where he’s at with the project. “Well, I’ve just completed the major planning phase, have already registered the trading name and website, plus I’ve hired a programmer and front-end designer to mock and code everything”. I was impressed at that, but then he told me, he’s even got the basis for the logo in mind – but of course he wouldn’t disclose that until he’d got at least version 1.0 up and running.

We discussed the logo design and we both agreed on what it needed to be: clean, professional and exude security and trustworthiness – that is, after all, the name of this particular game. He asked if I had any experience with freelance designers from India or the Asia region, which then spiralled into a ten-minute rant about how hard it is to find anyone good, and how it’s difficult to get consistent quality for a great price when shopping in those markets.

When he finally paused from his monologue I mentioned that I have in fact used a logo design service just recently. A very good one, to be precise. On hearing ‘design service’ he immediately chimed in with “but I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars employing a whole design service company, I just want a logo”. I smiled, because I know for once I have something that is going to excite him. He looked at me expectantly, then shrugged his shoulders, narrowed his eyes and shook his head… “Well, are you going to tell me or what?”

Mirroring his tone and exuberance from earlier I asked, “How would you like to have access to your own personal design firm for an entire year for less than $50?”

He laughed at me – a big, chortling, belly laugh, then rolled off all the profanities I’d ever heard… “You’re such a lying *expletive* *expletive* *expletive*…”

I smiled and shook my head again. “I signed up last week and have already signed off on my first design delivery.”

“But what do you mean?” he asked, still confused. I’d never seen him this stunned. It wasn’t that he thought I was lying, he was just in total disbelief. How could I have possibly discovered this before him?

I distracted him by continuing. “Ok, so here’s the deal: you subscribe for only $49 and you get unlimited designs with unlimited revisions for a whole year. They produce great quality logos and are extremely professional and timely with their deliveries.”

“But how?” he asked, still shaking his head. He’s smiling now, obviously still confused as to how it works as a business.

“Well, the thing is, you have to submit one design request at a time. No giving them a list of every single business name you can think of, including all of your friends businesses. They’re honest, they communicate well and, above all, they produce great looking logos. If anything, they surprised me in some of their emails with how specific they asked me to be in terms of what I wanted from my design. But I can see how it helps them get the logos right as soon as possible.”

“It just doesn’t sound like a very profitable business, for them, though?” he said.

“You’re probably right. They did just relaunch, so no doubt this is a promotional offer. I mean, think about it, who’d say no to a deal like that? Over the course of a year, the value is actually well over a thousand dollars!”

He points his iPhone at me and barks “What’s the website?”

Visit Logo Monsters Official Site – see for yourself.”

I look over at his phone and he’s reading the terms and conditions. Without looking up he points out “There’s a money back guarantee too”.

I smiled because I know he won’t need it.

Visit Logo Monsters Official Site Here:


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