“How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market” Review

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How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market

Review Of “How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market”

Hi everyone,

Today I wanted to give you a review on a rather unique product called How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market. As you know I’ve been reviewing products for a long time and every once in a while I come across something that immediately looks different. More often than not the product subsequently disappoints when I look at it in more detail. However, this is one of those rare occasions where the product delivers. So I’m very excited to provide you with this “How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market” review.

I’m always interested in learning how to invest better. In this day and age the government will not be able to take care of me when I get older and I always want more cash in my life so i need to become investment savvy. But while I know I need to understand investing better finding the right source of information is a massive challenge.

I’ve tried investment newsletters. You know the self-appointed “gurus”. What a disaster. Con-men! The free ones were the worst (though i guess I shouldn’t have been surprised…you get what you pay for!). They were all useless. They all just recommend stocks they’re paid by some dodgy firm to recommend! So I’d dutifully buy the next recommended stock and sure enough it would almost immediately fall (as the sponsor was selling their stock for a nice profit to fools like me).

I lost thousands. I can’t express how depressed this made me feel.

I’ve also read many investment books covering everything. Most were high level and motivation focused to be of any real help. Sure, I felt pumped again for a day or two, but the energy had no where to focus and soon passed. Other books just contradicted each other and confused me. One says the best thing to use is penny stocks as they can double overnight, then the next says they’re to risky and to look at cheap value stocks trading below their asset value. Then another says no to value stocks as they’re too slow, go for growth stocks…then the next says look at small and mid-caps. You get the picture…it’s just soooo confusing.

The end result is that the majority of my wealth is tied up in my house and in a couple of boring managed funds. We all know how housing has performed and the stock market has gone nowhere in the last 10 years. At least I don’t lose any money on my bonds but they don’t even keep up with inflation.

So when i came across the How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market eBook I was immediately intrigued by two things.

The first was the author. He has 4 degrees in finance and 20 years of investment expereince.

The second was that it claimed to offer a way to invest that that would produce an income month after month regardless of market direction, with very low risk and (once I understood what to do) required minimal work. Of course claims like this are like investing heaven, so naturally I was still a bit skeptical.

I needn’t have been. But of course nothing is perfect…that doesn’t exist.

How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market is a step-by-step guide to making money on the stock market through selling options…puts in particular. I wasn’t sure i wanted to venture into the world of options as I’d always thought options were risky. But the author challenged my understanding (which was a bitter pill to swallow) and convinced me that options have been poorly educated to the public by people that don’t understand them properly, and that the elite trading professionals use this strategy to siphon hundreds of millions from the market year after year. His strategy actually is the most conservative investment strategy I’d ever seen. Much less risk that simply buying stocks. He explains the right options to sell and the right companies to sell them on. Stuff I’d never heard before but simply just work. He provides all the detail, examples and pictures to show you exactly how it’s done.

I can tell you that you will probably need to read “How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market” book in a very quiet room and may even need to read it a couple of times. Not because of complex formulas (there aren’t any), but because there is so information that I couldn’t absorb it all straight away. But I didn’t want anything missing so that suited me. I want the complete package…and that’s what I got.

But the author breaks the strategy down into 10 golden rules and a couple of money management rules, which I now just follow religiously.

Does How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market work? Yes, definitely. And best of all it works whether the market is up, down or sideways and has the lowest risk of any strategy out there.

This is not some new “loophole” discovered by some guy in his boxer shorts on his sofa while being unemployed. They don’t exist! This a tried and tested strategy used by elite professionals and can only be explained by a market professional.

Is it worth the price? Absolutely. How much is my financial future worth to me? That’s pretty priceless to me. How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market is a complete step by step guide to making money month after month out of the stock market. I would’ve gladly paid 10 times this for priceless information like this.

The Bad Points:

  1. There’s a lot of detail in his book, so I had to read it a few times. But there are loads of examples and pictures which help.
  2. It questions what I believed about the markets which is pretty hard to take at first.
  3. The cost – $97, but he does give you a trail for $4.95 and a 60 day guarantee. You don’t always get what you pay for, but it’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

The Good points:

  1. It works. :) It does what it says on the pack! 😉
  2. You can invest at almost no risk…at least much lower risk than just buying stocks.
  3. The strategy works regardless of market direction. The market can go up, down or sideways and I still earn money
  4. There is just one strategy. So I only had to learn how to do one thing very well.
  5. Once you understand the system it requires relatively little work. I mean each trade I put on lasts for at least 12 months, but more often 2 years or more. I do the trade and only have to check on it every so often.
  6. Totally different from anything I’d read, watched, bought etc before. I was a complete newbie in this area but with a few hours of effort I was able to get it all.
  7. It’s written by a pro. The author has 4 degrees in finance (who has 4 degrees?) and 20 years experience. I can’t believe I used to fall for the BS from “gurus”. I guess you fall for it when you’re desperate enough and someone tells you what you want to here. He’s teaching you what the elite professionals do to earn millions year after year, but we retail investors have no clue. He was an elite professional and now is a retail investor too and uses this strategy.
  8. Fairly simple. While there is tons to learn and I had to read it several times, there is loads of examples and pictures and all the detail means there is nothing missing (nice change!). And since I only had one strategy to learn that made life much easier and I just follow the 10 rules.

The author says that he wrote How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market because he was sick of investors getting ripped off. I was one of those people. Personally, I’m glad that I bought this book not only because it’s given me the ammunition I need to succeed in the markets, but also because it’s shone a light on the other sub-standard products and advice out there. The bar has been risen and I know what I should expect.

This How To Siphon Cash Out Of The Stock Market book will work for anyone who wants to learn and invest successfully. Whether you are seasoned investor or a newbie, you will not have heard the information (at least not all of it) the author introduces you to and anyone will understand it because there is so many examples and pictures. It is not a get rich quick system, but get rich slowly and surely system.

If you’re a pro-investor that is already making tons of cash out of the markets you won’t need this. But if you are then I doubt you’d be readying this. I’d be too busy buying some great toys! :)

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