EZ List Building Blueprint Review

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EZ List Building Blueprint Review

Review Of EZ List Building Blueprint

How many ways can you think of to build your list of subscribers. John Coates identifies EIGHT highly successful strategies in his new product ‘EZ List Building Blueprint‘.

You know that all of your marketing efforts have to include list building for you to achieve online success. But if you don’t do it the correct way you will be wasting your time and money.

When I first looked at the sales page, my immediate reaction was, “Oh no, not another how to build a list product“. But then I realised there was a lot more on offer.

Many people are only taught one way to build their list and they stick with it, regardless of how much or how little success they achieve. Following his introductory video John takes you through a further 15 videos detailing all the steps you need to take, to be successful in your list building efforts.

Video 2 prepares you for the different strategies you will be using build your subscriber list.

In video 3 you can follow each step you need to take in creating your website pages.

The subject for video 4 is split into two parts: the first session explains how to monetize your list building efforts; the second part is an onscreen tutorial showing how to ensure the setup flows smoothly.

It’s all well and good building a list; video 5 goes on to show how to setup an effective follow up email sequence so that you can build up goodwill with your list and also ensure more profits in the long run.

The next eight videos explains the different strategies you should implement in your list building efforts.

Video 14 covers the automation of maintaining contact with your list of subscribers.

Video 15 explains how to build a hugely responsive list by doing email marketing “the right way”.

Finally video 16 is what you would expect in such a course, “Rinse and Repeat”.

As you can see, John has left nothing out to ensure all bases are covered in this packed, over 10 hours of videos.

He also provides the presentational slides in pdf format, which I found useful to print out and make my own notes. You also get a couple of squeeze page templates and a download template as part of the product and these are used during the video presentation. So you can change your templates as you watch the videos.

The EZ List building Blueprint home study video course probably teaches more than a number of list building products put together.

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