Extra1x2 Review – software with reduced systems for toto games , 1X2 , supertoto

Publisher: Extra 1X2

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Extra 1X2 Review

The odds of winning in a game of chance such as the toto1x2 games are always rather small. Therefore we welcome any help that can increase our successes. Especially if those successes translate into money in our pockets.

With Extra 1X2 your chances of winning 1×2 games will significantly improved, not only that you will win more, and more frequently, Thanks to the program exclusive reduction algorithm you can do it even with smaller budget.

It is the “Extrachane reduction method” that makes Extra1x2 so special, this method guarantee that you’ll get the maximum value (chance) for your money (what ever amount you decide to bet on), in some cases this unique method can lead to situation where while playing only 25% from full system cost, you will reach 75% chance of winning, you won’t get this kind of reduction effectiveness with no other software.

Extra1X2 connects to an update server to download the day you play and the related statistics. Not only that you automatically get the list of matches for the upcoming event, you also get for each match probability information for all possible outcomes, this information derived from leading bookie site, can be used by you to know which is the favorite team, to know what are your odds, and more importantly – this information is also used by the software to smartly filter and reduce your bets.

The Extra1x2 automatic updates for leading European 1×2 games, such as the Quiniela, LotoFoot, SuperToto, StrykTipset, EuropaTipset, but can also be edited by you to support any kind of 1×2 game (up to 16 matches).

Product features of Extra1X2:

  1. The Exclusive “extrachance” reduction method, by far the best reduction method you can get
  2. Unlimited support for Triples and doubles
  3. Advanced filtering method to reduce the original forecast betting.
  4. Accurate probability estimation for each match.
  5. Information on your chances to win various prizes
  6. Print directly on official coupons
  7. Export your bets to text files
  8. Auto download the correct guess
  9. Friendly user interface, with online help.
  10. And much more..

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Extra1x2 Review - software with reduced systems for toto games , 1X2 , supertoto, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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