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Creative Songwriting Video Course Review

Review Of Creative Songwriting Video Course: The Master Blueprint For Songwriting Success!

We usually think of songwriting as a skill one is either born with or develops over time, using mostly their intuition, rather than something that can be studied. It is a craft that is not often taught, and therefore remains elusive to many beginning songwriters. There are a few books out there on the topic, but they mostly concentrate on lyric writing rather than the musical aspect. There are also occasional workshops. But in general, it is a topic largely ignored even in most music colleges. Because of this, the emergence of a methodical training on the subject is an important addition to the world of music training.

The Creative Songwriting Video Course was created by Kevin Thomas, a graduate of some of the worlds best music schools, including Musicians Institute, Berklee College of Music, and Frost School of Music at the University of Miami where he earned a Masters Degree in Music. He is an adjunct professor of music at MUM. Berklee College of Music is the only music college in the world that offers a songwriting major. This unique Berklee program has heavily influenced the Creative Songwriting Video Course. It is additionally informed by his years as a professional songwriter, arranger, composer and producer. His recording career includes the music of hundreds of songs and five full length L.P.s. This well qualifies him to teach this kind this material.

The concepts covered in the Creative Songwriting Video Course cover just about every aspect of the songwriting process from conception to completion, and is designed to help both beginner and advanced songwriters alike. Topics include how to get started writing, developing and editing a song, creating a strong hook, lyric writing, chord progressions, melody, song structure, and quite a few other areas. For each section there are extensive video trainings.

This program is very accessible due to its format. The Creative Songwriting Video Course is based on video tutorials which blend in text and audio/video expositions of the coursework. Because some people learn from hearing and others from seeing, while still others learn from practice and demonstration, this course uses all of these methods, making it much more encompassing than simple music books or audio lessons.

The Creative Songwriting Video Course, priced at an unbelievably low, is online , accessed in a back office. Users can log in to this back office to study. All videos can be made full screen. Keeping the course online, rather than on DVD, is likely a factor that keeps the price so low and keeps students saving money.

I understand that the Creative Songwriting Video Course is being rerecorded in order to add improvements later in the year, and that the price will be going up, but that everyone who currently owns the course will be entitled to all future updates for free for life. It makes sense not to wait until the price goes up to get the course, and to get all future updates for free.

In conclusion, I think that Creative Songwriting Video Course from Kevin Thomas and Songwriting Planet is something that musicians and aspiring songwriters have been hungry for for a long time. I hope that he continues to expand on his collection and releases more advanced follow up programs.

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