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Crawler Master X Review

Review Of Crawler Master X

Most webmasters, internet marketers, and generally people trying to make money online at some point get frustrated with low traffic of their websites and hardships of SEO and PPC. After all, honest SEO in 2011 is nowhere as easy as it used to be in 2005. There’s lots of competition in almost every niche, and the first page in Google, for most keywords, is long since occupied by sites with thousands of inbound links. That’s really hard to beat for a newcomer, and professional SEO companies charge an arm and a leg for getting you anywhere near the first page for keywords with substantial and quality traffic. And even then, getting there is not really assured with old-style methods – since everyone else is busy doing it just as you are.

“Is there some easier way?” is a question most webmasters have asked themselves many times.

Crawler Master X, a product just recently released by two Swiss computer science graduates Michael Weber and David Kohlmann, answers that with a clear “yes”. It bases on a completely different and unconventional approach to getting traffic – one that not only avoids SEO altogether, but does not make use of PPC, JVs, blogging, article writing, social marketing, or any other form of traffic generation currently popular in the SEO world.

Instead, it challenges the very basic premise of building websites : the source of your content. Most people, normally, either painstakingly and slowly write their own content, hire authors to write it for them, or otherwise repost something that someone else wrote. Crawler Master X, however, does what Google and most other heavyweights online do – it searches the web (specific websites or just the whole internet, starting with a certain number of “seed” websites) focusing on one specific type of content pattern – for example, links to Powerpoint files, Quicktime videos, PDF files containing the word “dog”, websites mainly about the Canadian Great Lakes – basically anything you want – and stores a compact “fingerprint” of that information in a MySQL database.

Since the crawler underlying the product is none other than the Wayback Machine’s powerful opensource crawler, the crawling speed of the tool is just amazing. WIth 100 parallel threads, it has crawled over a million pages within an hour in our experiment, and stored over 174,000 information snippets (we looked for files stored on RapidShare and MegaUpload).

In addition to that, the Crawler Master X product includes a complete strategy on adding 1,000,000+ unique deep pages to your site based on the crawl results, and making Google notice and index them. The authors include an avalanche of traffic stats of actual live sites they built with the system which went from zero to over 10,000 visitors a day within just 2-3 months.

Overall the product makes a very solid and professional impression, and can definitely be used very effectively to get traffic. The main question being just how many people can actually use it at once – the first ones to occupy any particular niche might probably quickly get all the longtail traffic from Google there is, which might make life for newcomers hard yet again, even when using this powerful software.

Nevertheless, Crawler Master X is a clear recommendation for serious webmasters and Internet marketers eager to test an alternative method for getting major free traffic from Google.

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Crawler Master X Review - Get 10,000 visitors a day within just 2-3 months, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings


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