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Cherry Picks – Free Daily Horse Racing Ratings

Cherry Picks is a fantastic daily horse racing ratings service from Cherry Bets and it’s completely free to sign up! All you need to provide them with is your name and email address to start receiving the ratings every morning (Monday – Saturday). Cherry Picks are the result of their daily analysis of the speed ratings in cherry-picked races. They are great for punters who want an idea of how horses are expected to perform based on past performances. Also, because the ratings arrive in the morning, users can get their bets on without having to be at their computer all day.

Cherry Bets have their own take on how to use the ratings and they have been publishing the results since March 2010. So far they have amassed over 600 points – not too bad for a free service! You can view the in–depth results by visiting the website:

The basic premise of the ratings is that horses with high ratings should be backed/dutched and lay bets should be placed on horses with low odds and low ratings. Obviously it’s entirely up to the individual in terms of what price they’re prepared to lay a horse at and what sort of a return is desired for back/dutch bets etc. Cherry Bets intend users to develop their own systems based on the ratings – their results are there to act as a guide. For example, many users like to concentrate on the top-rated horses or look for decent place bet opportunities etc. – just look at the testimonials on the website.

They’re even giving away a very useful dutching calculator tool to help you calculate stakes for when you want to back more than one horse in a race. It can be downloaded for free from the Cherry Bets website.

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