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Cbpress Review


Review Of Cbpress: Revolutionary ClickBank Marketplace WordPress Plugin

Bottom Line
CBpress is the best in class ClickBank Marketplace WordPress plugin available.


Highly, highly customizable. Users can create full ClickBank Marketplace sites, or niche ClickBank websites. It’s by far the most advanced ClickBank wordpress plugin out there and, best of all, it’s cost-effective.


Being as robust as it is can be a bit daunting for new WordPress users. But with use, the plugin makes a lot of sense. You’ll become a CBpress whiz in a matter of a few days. People familiar with WordPress will have no problem operating this deluxe WordPress plugin.

About CBpress

CBpress brings a long needed product to market. A way for ClickBank affiliates to quickly deploy ClickBank monetized websites. Building websites is time-consuming and costly and that’s always been a barrier to entry for many would-be affiliate marketers. But with the free WordPress content management system, a cheap hosting account and CBpress you can be up and making money with ClickBank quickly and easily.

Even better, CBpress allows you to add non-ClickBank products. If you want to promote a product on another affiliate network, with CBpress you can pop it into your Marketplace and make it live on your WP blog in seconds.

CBpress also lets you rewrite titles and descriptions. This helps make your content unique and have the ability to write more compelling copy to increase conversions.

You can also create custom product lists to embed into WordPress pages and blog entries. Create as many custom lists as you wish and use auto-insert button to insert. Each blog entry you create could potentially have a different combination of products!.

CBpress is an unlimited use license based on one ClickBank ID. You can install this plugin on one site, or a thousand. It’s up to you.

Who is CBpress for?

It’s for any ClickBank affiliate or anybody that might want to become a ClickBank affiliate. It’s also for any blogger that wants to monetize their blog with ClickBank products as a new way to make money. Let’s face it, Ad sense and other PPC and CPM networks are not paying what they used to. CBpress will help you monetize your WordPress blog with ClickBank products and give you yet another opportunity to make more money.

As mentioned, CBpress is highly cost-effective, but the price is introductory.

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Cbpress Review - Revolutionary ClickBank Marketplace WordPress Plugin, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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