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Review Of The Best Way To Control Arthritis

Worldwide there are over 500,000,000 – yes five hundred million arthritis sufferers.

So if you are looking for a huge market place, literally hundreds of millions of people all of whom are desperately seeking an answer? They have been looking for years and have not found it yet – but – you could give it to them.

These are people who STILL suffer with arthritis. They still suffer because the medication they have been receiving has NOT solved their problem – if it had then there would not be that huge number of people who are still suffering and still desperately searching for the answer to their problem.

This huge market place is getting bigger by the day. They are all desperate for relief from the pain they suffer the inflammation that they have to put up with and to restore the mobility that they have lost.

Prescription drugs plus their unwanted side effects have not worked for them in fact their original complaint may now be even worse.

They are searching for an alternative that is natural, safe with no known side effects and that has proved to be very effective over thousands of years.

They DO NOT WANT another confection of concentrated chemicals! Plus their dreaded side effects!

What they naturally DO WANT is a pain reliever, inflammation reducer and mobility improver – and it is available!

Would that information, backed by thousands of years of success, be of interest to them and would they pay for that information? You bet they would.

The Arthritis ebook, 100 pages, is written and ready for you to roll out to the estimated 500,000,000+ people who make up your potential market place. There are many tens of millions of animals suffering from arthritis too! They too can benefit – naturally.

That huge market place is extremely hungry, maybe even desperate, for something that can handle their three main concerns – pain – inflammation and mobility. You can have the answer for them!

A huge market place that desperately wants an answer to their problem and just waiting for someone to provide that answer – that can be you!

The beginning of the arthritis ebook: The Best Way To Control Arthritis




I thought you might like to know a little about the background of how this ebook came about.

I am Greg Walker and the reason that I compiled this ebook is actually the responsibility of my lady Dusty and our dogs, most particularly ‘Gilbert’ the Greyhound. You may think that rather odd but it makes complete sense to me!

Dusty suffered quite severely with arthritis and Gilbert was frequently attacked by a Staffordshire Bull-Terrier. The injuries he sustained were superficial but bloody. The greyhound as he got older also began to suffer with stiffening and swollen joints – arthritis.

I had already been introduced to Aloe Vera and told of its quite amazing properties and how Dusty would benefit greatly by drinking it and Gilbert’s wounds would heal up very quickly by using the Aloe Vera creams on his wounds. So, like a good chap I went off to the health food shops and bought bottles of something which said it was Aloe Vera. Trying to be thorough I wanted the strongest and best possible and came away with my purchases of drink, creams and various other lotions.

As a family, that is Dusty and me, plus the dogs and the cats (all of whom are either from rescue homes or were foundlings that people brought to us) started to make use of our new purchases. We kept on using them for several months but the effect they had seemed to be minimal. Disappointed, we stopped using them.

It was then that we discovered that not all Aloe Vera products are the same! On reflection that is hardly ‘rocket science’. Fortunately a friend introduced us to a range of Aloe Vera products from the top end of the quality range and explained the differences between the good, the bad and the indifferent. We started using the top quality products and the difference was very startling. Quality worked!

Dusty rapidly lost her painful joints and Gilbert’s battle wounds, he was attacked again by the same dog, healed rapidly without any infection, there was no visible scarring and his fur grew back in its original colour.

The inflammation reduced around Dusty’s knees, elbows and hands and her mobility improved quite dramatically. We were well impressed. We then started mixing the Aloe Vera drink with the food we gave to the dogs and cats. Once again their general condition noticeably improved and everyone, us and them, seemed to have more energy.

We then did our own experiment and stopped taking it. Dusty’s pain, inflammation and restricted mobility returned. The animals’ coats lost their sheen and its softness. So we all started taking our Aloe Vera again and guess what? That’s right the general health of us all improved.

We then did another experiment and went back to using the cheaper products available from the high street and our overall condition started to fade away again. Not rapidly but the odd niggles started to appear again. Once more we changed back to the top quality products and our health improved – again and quickly.

Now you might say, quite rightly, that it’s all in our minds – by that I mean Dusty and me. We wanted to believe so the results followed those beliefs. However this does not work with the animals, they do not know what they are being fed, they don’t know about placebos, they cannot read the labels or be influenced by what doctors or vets say. They are either healthy or they are not.

What we have found is that changing to top quality Aloe Vera products and making them part of our daily diets has proved to be far cheaper and therefore much more cost effective than paying prescription charges and vets bills.

So, you may ask – why the ebook? Well we could have kept all that information to ourselves and you would still be looking at a future of pain, inflammation and restricted mobility.

We could have told a few friends and family members and they could have benefited but you would still never know by how much you can improve your future quality of life.

So it was decided to compile the Arthritis Remedies ebook and use the power of the internet to make the information available hundreds of millions of arthritis sufferers throughout the world.

Now you can tell your friends and families about Aloe Vera and everyone can benefit!

CHAPTER ONE – How To Run Your Body Into Good Health.

Good health is the main key to happiness from cradle to grave.

(Martin Hesp – Journalist with the Western Morning News)

Basic principles; A General Practitioner and a Medical Journalist say that…

No car owner in their right mind would put diesel fuel into a vehicle designed for unleaded petrol, unless they intentionally wanted to damage the engine.

But surprisingly, very few people take similar precautions when it comes to choosing fuel for their own body!

In other words, car designers and mechanics have done a better job getting us to look after our cars than doctors have in looking after our bodies.

That’s because the medical establishment has almost totally ignored this crucial issue: what kind of fuel — or food — should you be putting in your body? It’s almost as if doctors were more interested in treating our diseases than maintaining our health.

Strangely enough, you would be hard put to find a place where the quality and selection of foods served is more neglected than in your local hospital!

Although our society enjoys incredible abundance, many people not only eat badly, they are actually undernourished when it comes to certain types of nutrients. And in case you didn’t already know, a lack of essential nutrients will have a devastating effect on your health.

Doctors who are passionate about promoting greater awareness of the influence of nutrition on health — and there are some — regularly produce spectacular cures simply by changing their patients’ diets.

It’s fast becoming a recognised fact that we humans are hard-wired to enjoy food that is not good for us. What we are really after is high calorie intake, the desire for which is etched in our brains because during most of history, food was horribly scarce.


Do you want your family — and yourself— to remain healthy and strong?

Do you want to make optimum use of the vital energy you were endowed with at birth?

Do you want to feel better and stay in top shape?

If your answer is YES then please consider the advantages that Aloe Vera could bring to you all.

Aloe Vera is a food, not a medicine.

A food with many pharmaceutical ingredients that nature put together and it has been known of since the beginning of recorded history.

Have you ever wondered how strange it is when the medics tell us to eat five a day because fresh fruit and vegetables are so much healthier for us than those nasty Processed Foods which are filled with concentrated concoctions of chemicals that are alien to our body’s well being.

This is the strange bit because when we go to their surgeries they say – let me prescribe a medicine for you that the Drug Manufacturers have filled with a concentrated concoction of chemicals that will NOT be alien to your body. In fact these chemicals will do you good.

The drug companies have to provide a whole list of potential side effects that you do not want but might well suffer from. It is not like a natural remedy that has been used in the real world for hundreds if not thousands of years and all the positives and negatives have been very well documented.

Against this you have to remember that the drug companies have run double blind random trials on their own medicines which have been organised, run and funded by themselves.

The results that have been selected, by those very same drug companies, all show a positive outcome of those trials. Once again is it not strange that they never seem to publish any negative results from their own research about their own drugs?

All the drug company’s products have been around for a comparatively very short period of time when compared with nature’s own remedies and any feed back from the drug companies has been carefully selected.

Of course their patented drugs will make them a huge profit and all the downsides seem to get denied, ignored or swept under the carpet. Furthermore they will not willingly admit to how many of their previous ‘wonder’ drugs have been banned or forced to be withdrawn from the market.

A further point that seems to be missed is that the drug companies cannot patent a natural remedy and therefore cannot make any money from it and your doctor is unlikely to recommend it because to do so might adversely affect their income.

So remember to eat lots of natural fruit and vegetables making sure you avoid any nasty chemicals dished up by the Food Manufacturers. Then if you do have to visit your doctor all that wise advice will suddenly go out of the window and you will be advised to ignore anything that is natural and the best advice NOW is to consume a heady mix of concentrated chemicals because they are now suddenly good for you.

Somehow that logic just does not work for me – does it for you?

PS – do spend a few minutes researching banned drugs on the internet – it is a very interesting list.

CHAPTER TWO; Arthritic Medical Professionals and ALOE VERA.

Dr. H. R. McDaniel, pathologist and researcher at the Dallas-Fort Worth Medical Center, has said,

“The use of Aloe vera will be the most important single step forward in the treatment of diseases in the history of mankind.”

WHAT Aloe Vera should you look for? The very best Aloe Vera will not have been stabilised by heat treatment as that damages it, and will not have been freeze dried and then reconstituted! Look for Aloe Vera that has been stabilised only using natural products and only uses the inner gel of the leaf. Then you know you have a top quality product!

And, you would probably expect that people who work in the medical professions would have access to the best medical advice and the best medical attention and that they would, therefore, be in the very best of health. WELL READ ON!

Unsolicited testimonials;

Jayne W. My husband was suffering with an osteo-arthritic knee and was heading for surgery. After a few months on Aloe Gel, all his pain was gone and thoughts of surgery completely forgotten.

Another friend, a surgeon, was awaiting hip replacement surgery. She agreed to try Aloe Vera Gel. A few months later all her pain had gone and the operation was cancelled.

Yet another friend had suffered with a duodenal ulcer for 15 years and after just a few weeks of taking Aloe Vera Gel, she came off the medication she had been on for 15 years with no ill effects and had no further symptoms. You can imagine how thrilled she was.

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