“An Expert’s Guide to Total Interview Success” eBook Review

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An Expert's Guide to Total Interview Success

eBook Review Of “An Expert’s Guide to Total Interview Success”

Do you deserve a better paid, more rewarding career? Well the key to landing that dream job is simply to pass that vital job interview! OK sounds easy well most likely you consider this a major stumbling block.

Did you know the ”elite” job interview candidates have been trained to unlock the secrets of precisely how to make the interviewer ‘salivate’ and almost beg the candidate to join their organisation!” It really isn’t as difficult as you would imagine. Youjust need to know how to act, what to say and simply convince the interviewer to give them the job.

Sadly, the typical job candidate hardly even prepares for a job interview, which let’s face it, can be a life-changing event!…..they read the job description once, rehearse half a dozen answers, possibly review the company website and then wonder why they get rejected!

What will you do when you are offered your dream job interview?

So lets take a step back for a second. Just imagine your sheer delight at finding out you have just secured an interview for your dream job. Your mind begins to wander…….

You imagine the hefty increase in salary and benefits. You picture your new life, your dream home, taking expensive holidays and living debt free!

You smile as you consider the kudos and status of the new position. You can clearly see the look of envy of your friends and colleagues when you tell them your fantastic news! You are just one small final step from changing your entire life and achieving your life-long goals!……Then, like a bolt from the blue, cold harsh reality bites…….

”Job Interviews turn me into a jibbering wreck”

This new world all hangs by a thread. It depends entirely on your performance at one single job interview. You suddenly get that sinking feeling deep in the pit of your stomach. You quickly recall your previous track record, your dismal failure rate and how nervous you get.

Do you really know what the interviewer actually wants to hear?

Look this is not a guilty admission. Virtually no-one is taught how to deliver replies with impact and comprehensively sell their skills.

Lets be realistic, in today’s ruthless job-market without that expert professional help, what hope have you of succeeding!

99% of people have never been taught the basic fundamentals of interviewing let alone the closely guarded high-powered stuff that crushes the opposition.

Effectively you are relying on the other candidates being worse than you!……and that is a risky strategy!

The flip-side of this is the skilled interview candidate who saunters into the interview room full of confidence then delivers a display of explosive answers which annihilates any competition.

So how do you rise to the top of the job interview pile? How do you surpass all other candidates? How do you overcome the odds and secure victory from the jaws of defeat?

Forget your age, profession or experience it does not matter. You have the ability today to score a home run and land your dream job. You just need to discover the REAL SECRETS the top 1% of candidates jealously guard. The secrets that give them an unfair advantage.

You need to learn the fundamental principles behind effective preparation, selling yourself and selling your skills.

Just a few key improvements will instantly catapult your chances!

Let me give you some very good news! You can change! You can rise from the crowded bear-pit of the job-market into the top elite 1% of all interview candidates. Being transformed from an abject failure to a stunning ‘must hire’ candidate is actually quite easy.

Learn how you can quickly join this elite group whose very presence in the interview room impels the interviewer to hire them on the spot!

Job interview Perfection will guarantee that success

There are specific key areas all interviewers are focused on! This is going to be critical to your success.

All interviewers need to be absolutely certain they are hiring the right candidate. To do this they need to hear you can deliver on all 5 job critical attributes.

Strangely, they often do not even realise they are doing this! Either consciously or subconsciously they focus on these areas. If you address these areas completely with 100% satisfaction they will feel compelled to hire you….ad why not because you tick all the right boxes!

The top interview candidates enter every interview armed with this specific knowledge. They laser-target their answers time and again addressing these 5 areas. They just blow the competition away. This is what gives them a completely unfair advantage.

99% of candidates have no REAL idea what the interviewer actually wants to hear.

The cream of the candidates offer this specific information to the interviewer on a plate. They then sit back as the interviewer laps it up! The interviewer becomes eager! They get excited at the prospect of discovering a truly top interview candidate.

Every answer is specifically tailored to address the precise needs of the interviewer. They can even construct their replies to shoot down two or three of these areas at once. Direct hits time and again! No wonder they smash the opposition into the ground!

Ask anyone what the 5 key skills any interviewer must hear and they will struggle to name just one. Remember to be truly successful you need to clearly demonstrate all 5 of these. Do you know what they are? Did you even know there were 5? Don’t worry you are not alone!

So what are these key skills every interviwer is desperate to hear?

Well the first one is the easiest to recall………’Can you do the job?’ Aha! You probably knew that and actually it is the most obvious.

But seriously most candidates actually fail to persuade the interviewer that they have the necessary skills to go the job? Even this rather simple task is often presented poorly with no real impact.

Do you know how to turbo-boost your application?

Three little words….’Sell the Benefits’. What are you offering? They continually ask the same question in their head time and again.

”What is in it for me?”

Listen! Let me give you the truth! They do not care what you think……..Harsh, but true! They have their own selfish interests at heart……really, just like everyone else! They are putting YOU on the payroll for a very good reason. You are there to solve their problems! Do you know what they are thinking?

”What are the benefits for me if I employ this candidate?”

Learn to tell them in plain English the actual benefits of hiring you and you will get hired!

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