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Alkaline Diet Ebook Review

Review Of Alkaline Diet

Alkaline diet is also called pH balance diet or The Ash Diet. This form of diet has already raised some controversies over the past years. Dr. William Howard Hay first introduced the concept of alkaline diet during the year 1920. Alkaline diet is a portion of his theory about food combining. The premise under the theory is just easy to understand. Your system can do all the functions it is supposed to do when the body is in the PH of 7.35 to 7.45. When the pH is lower, this means that your body is acidic and when it is high, your body is in the state of alkalinity. There are some foods, that when taken, will produce ash. This will help increase your body’s pH and will turn it out as alkaline.

Acidic VS Alkaline

There are modern diets that can make your system attain the best state of body pH you need. Examples of these foods are grains, dairy products, caffeine and sugar. When your system is under the acidic nature, there is a great possibility that it may cause untoward health conditions like obesity, osteoporosis, fungal and yeast infections, decreased energy levels and cancer. You must also put in mind that there are some acidic foods in nature that when your system has digested, it will promote the alkalinity of your system.

<2>Health Benefits Of Alkaline Diet

There are just several studies that are conducted concerning alkaline diet. Researches state that when there is acidic environment, this is in favor with cancer cells. On the other hand, alkaline environment enhances the effects of anti-cancer drugs. But the subjects used in this study are not conducted to human. Moreover, there are also studies stating that acidic environment is very conducive for the development of osteoporosis. But there are some debates that when you eliminate acidic foods that contain Vitamin D and calcium, it will reduce one’s intake of fiver and phytonutrients.

There are various ways in which your system is neutralizing its pH. If there is increase in the respiration rate, the pH level increases. There is a mop up of hydrogen ions that maintain the normal pH of your blood. On the other hand, your kidney removes acidic fluids from your blood in the form of urine. There are some studies stating that working with the body in terms of maintaining the acidity of your system will not work out because your internal organs have their own ways of maintaining your body’s pH. There are also arguments that our ancestors eat tubers, legumes, nuts and beans as their primary food. Eating fruits is just their second option when the mentioned foods are no longer available. Because of this, it made their body more acidic.


Because of the other nutritional ideas, alkaline diet can be censured, promoted or rejected. This is because of the failure of an individual to weigh and measure circumstances. Moreover, common sense is not there and the presence of personal and historical related philosophy can also affect the perception to alkaline diet.

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