A Review on Shutterbug’s Guide to Portrait Photography – From Amateur to Professional Photographer

Publisher: Shutterbug’s Guide to Portrait Photography

Website URL: http://shutterbugschool.com/learn-portrait-photography-guide-tips/

Shutterbugs Guide to Portrait Photography

Review Of Shutterbug’s Guide to Portrait Photography

Are you so interested in photography that you need to take your skills to the next level without having to spend thousands of dollars just to attend courses in photography? When you find yourself invited to special occasions, do you wish your friends would undoubtedly pick you as the photographer for the whole occasion? Do you want to be more knowledgeable about photography and do away with the common mistakes amateurs commit when taking pictures? Or perhaps you may have thought about investing on your photography skills to set up your own photography business in the long run?

Guess what, it can actually come true for you, if all those mentioned above are things that you want to happen in your life. You can definitely take your photography skills to a higher level in order to succeed. In no time, you will transform from an amateur photographer to a professional one who is mostly sought-after.

What the Shutterbug’s Guide is All About?

Shutterbug’s Guide to Portrait Photography is a 170 page downloadable e-book (this is not a hard cover book – it is a PDF e-book) to teach you the secrets of stunning portraiture; introduced by Sofia Romero, a professional photographer, who was once an amateur. She studied photography in Argentina and California, USA. Being the professional photographer that she is, she is willing to impart her knowledge on photography to help those who have the same passion as her. The guide will teach you and other would-be photography professionals the basics of photography, what mistakes to avoid, applying the right techniques to come up with brilliant pictures and many more.

Why Invest in the Shutterbug’s Guide to Portrait Photography?

Let’s answer the question of WHY this is a resource for you:

  1. Because it contains the very best portrait photography tips on 25 topics – all in the one easy to read ebook
  2. Because it has inspiring illustrations to show how the teaching along side them can be implemented
  3. Because each page is Packed with teaching – there’s no padding here
  4. Because you get 4 months of Website Hosting for Free on our Servers
  5. Because you get to start your own photography website for Free with our 10 fully ready professionally designed website templates
  6. Because you get a 60 Day No questions asked Money Back Guarantee
  7. Because you get it immediately – there’s no delivery fee because it is a downloadable ebook

What You Will Learn About Portrait Photography?

There are far more things to learn in photography than you can imagine. If you try to check out Shutterbug’s Guide, then definitely you will understand all the principles and apply them to formulate techniques to capture exquisite images. The guide will help you understand how to:

  1. setup the exact aperture to effectively take photographs in low light conditions
  2. set the right setting for the shutter speed; take advantage of the lighting of the background to capture brilliant silhouettes
  3. work with the different kinds of lighting to perfectly capture a portrait that does not look so bright or too dim

The guide will also show you which equipment is appropriate for which type of conditions, like which lens to use to give you a start in portrait photography without having to spend amount of dollars. Just everything about how to set up your equipment along with the right camera settings so that the pictures you produce are just breathtakingly amazing. All these principles and techniques are yours to learn and you can employ them when you want to start business to make sure that your clients will keep coming back to you for more, and they will even spread the word about your exceptional photographic skills.

Business Acumen to become a Successful Photopreneur

Shutterbug’s Guide will not only provide you with lessons to take to be able to become the professional photographer you have always wanted to be. The guide will also give you lessons on how to:

  1. bring your skills up to the business world
  2. combine photography and entrepreneurship
  3. handle clients in a photography business
  4. effectively treat your customers to make them trust your work, not just your photographic work, but the proper business ethics that you display

You will definitely learn what mistakes to avoid and what strengths to harness to make sure your business will run smoothly.

What to Expect in the Shutterbug’s Guide to Portrait Photography Ebook?

The ebook covers the following 9 chapters in detail:

  1. Light, Reflection, Colours
  2. Camera, Aperture, Shutterspeed
  3. Flash, Reflectors & Accessories
  4. Photographing with Ambient Light: Outdoors & Indoors
  5. Setting Lights (Patterns, Ratios & Feathering)
  6. Powerful Composition (Depth, Frame, Space)
  7. Babies, Children & Family Portraits
  8. Image Processing Softwares , Photoshop & More
  9. Business Plan, Pricing Policies, Advertising & Marketing Strategies

Learn how to work that flash, work with the right lighting conditions, when not to take photography, how to make a person look natural instead of looking like a pasty porcelain doll. Learn how to capture fine detail with the right lighting and capture the real emotion conveyed by the person through the power of your lens. Dealing with photography business will never be easy. You may handle clients which you need to chase over and over again for payments of your services. Included in the guide are business agreements to be signed by your client, so you and the client will clear matters out with the business dealings. You will not only learn how to photograph like a pro but how to do business the professional way.

A screenshot to show you a little of the layout:

Shutterbugs Guide to Portrait Photography review

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that The Shutterbug’s Guide to Photography ebook is helping your photography within 60 days refund your money – that’s how confident Sofia is that this is a resource that will help you improve your portrait photography.

Visit Shutterbug’s Guide to Portrait Photography Official Site Here:


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