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Although it might look simple, developing on-line applications and dynamic web content is almost always very complex task that requires significant programming knowledge and ability to solve problems on the fly. Existing technologies and tools provide plenty of features, but even with that, these projects can easily become a real resource and time-consuming nightmare depending on developer’s overall performance. Besides, many database-powered and dynamic-content projects are completely out of your league, unless you are a full time IT professional.

It was not so long ago when I’ve heard about WhizBase for the first time. It’s a kind of development tool that, according to the manufacturer, “enables anyone with basic knowledge of HTML, and minimal database-related knowledge to independently and effortlessly create web applications of professional quality in no time”.

What a heck, I thought, I’ll download the trial and see if it’s at least half of what they advertize. Actually, I needed to publish some simple MS Access database on my intranet so other users can read it without having the MS Access installed.

I tried their on-line wizard for publishing the database and it actually worked – it was of no practical use for me, but it showed that thing works (and that’s the purpose of that wizard).

After downloading and installing WhizBase, I found an icon for WhizBase control panel on my desktop. Although there are many icons in the program shortcut folder, this one was particularly useful.

WhizBase review

Control panel is actually a menu that includes basic information, search form and links to some important documents, tutorials and programs. There are some sections for beginners that I would recommend even for experienced users (for example section “Before you start”).

The most used component (beside the engine itself, of course) is the “Power pack”, wizard-like tool that helps developer sets the basic WhizBase elements in just a few steps. Resulting code can automatically be inserted in previously created ordinary HTML document, so WhizBase-powered pages look exactly the same as the rest of the site. Although the WhizBase code can easily be added manually using any editor or WYSIWYG web development tool, Power pack wizards still can be very useful even for experienced developers (by simply shortening the development time).

Unlike some other development platforms and programming languages, WhizBase code does not become corrupted when opened using WYSIWYG editors.

WhizBase Review 2

The most complex task for beginners is something that is not exclusive for WhizBase or any other tool for building dynamic web content – understanding the entire concept of data processing or how and where the thighs get done. Once you understand what goes where and what is that “web server” mumbo-jumbo, everything gets in place, and you realize that making dynamic web content is not a rocket science, at least with this tool.

Even if you are an experienced professional that “speaks” more than one programming language (meaning that programming language is not your religion) you should give WhizBase a chance. It will significantly shorten the development time, and although it might not be as powerful as some other development options it will suite your needs in about 90%. And as of the rest 10% – you can rely on its ability to coexist peacefully with any other programming platform/language.

And finally, about my project – not only that I created files that search and display the records from the database on my intranet, but I also created a password-protected system for adding/editing/deleting records, and it took me less than a day.

WhizBase Review 3

– simplicity, development speed, wizard style, open for all database types, free for use with ORG domains
– windows only application, have to pay for it ($99.95), might have a difficulties finding the hosting company that will install it.

Finally, I would definitely recommend the WhizBase – it’s worth trying.

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