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Tunebite Review

Review Of Tunebite Software

Tunebite Platinum is a powerful piece of Windows software containing numerous functions for converting, recording and removing DRM copy protection from audio and video files, all of which are discussed below in greater detail.


According to its manufacturer, Tunebite is a universal converter that can convert audio and video files into the most important file formats. Tunebite not only converts music and videos into other formats, but also films, audiobooks, podcasts, etc., making them compatible with mp3 players, PSP, PS3, Xbox360, cell phones, mp4 players, PDA, Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad or PC. The selection feature according to device is also very convenient, which enables users to simply select their device without video knowing its exact format. Tunebite then begins converting files into the correct format. Tunebite also offers various settings to optimize conversion results. Despite the plethora of functions, using the program is easy and self-explanatory.

DRM Remover

Many music stores and subscription and video on-demand services continue to offer music and film files exclusively with DRM copy protection. This protection is designed to prevent files from being copied to other devices or to limit the use of these files. And those who circumvent this protection face legal action. But with Tunebite you can remove copy protection legally via its re-recording process. Tunebite plays the audio or video file and simultaneously re-records it. This process provides users with an unprotected copy of the original file without sacrificing any file quality. Therefore, Tunebite enables users to record films rented from video on-demand services and to use these files as often as they like. Furthermore, music files purchased in online music stores can be saved in another format thus providing users with files compatible with cell phones, mp3 players, etc. And by the way, there is no need to wait around for the original file to be completely played back at normal speed. Thanks to its virtual sound card, Tunebite can play back and re-record files at up to 54x the original speed, depending on the PC and operating system.

Web Recorder

In addition to all this, Tunebite is a web recorder meaning it can record any and all music and videos found online. And, once again, because the files are recorded and not downloaded these are legal private copies. Tunebite can record videos from YouTube, Hulu, adult and sports portals, as well as music from Last.fm and Yahoo! Music. Simply put, Tunebite can record music and videos from every website without exception. Tunebite can also save anything viewed or heard online in the desired file format. The tool has all the advantages of being a solution, which means that there is no need for a browser plug-in or a freeware tool to record files and a second tool to convert files into the correct format. This ensures that Tunebite can conveniently hyper-expand music and video collections.

Tunebite can even record RTMP-E videos and videos in HD, which quickly exposes the technical limitations of other stream-ripping programs. Tunebite is a practical investment for video on-demand services like Hulu, Netflix and other pay services.

DVD Ripper

Thanks to the new capture function, Tunebite can now rip DVDs. This feature allows users to quickly and easily save purchased DVDs to their hard drives. Then users can play and use them as they see fit. This alone does not sound all that special as there have been DVD rippers on the market for quite some time now. However, these tools are now illegal due to the expansion of CSS, because they crack copy protection. But Tunebite legally records videos as private copies from the computer screen during playback by utilizing AnalogWhole. So for those who want to make legal back-up copies of their purchased DVDs, Tunebite is a great choice.


The gratis Tunebite freeware records and saves videos from YouTube and other video sites to the hard drive in the desired file format automatically. Furthermore, the audio track from YouTube videos can be isolated and recorded as an mp3 file. Additionally, the freeware contains a preview of several of the functions contained in the full version, which can only be used in limited capacity. The platinum version is available for users who want to remove DRM, rip DVDs and record from every Internet site without restraint for $39.90. Users only interested in audio functions can save a bit of cash by purchasing Tunebite Platinum for $26.90.


Tunebite offers users of Windows 7, Vista and XP a wide range of functions with freeware for beginners and two pay versions for serious media fans. To get such a myriad of functions anywhere else, you would have to install several different tools, which would not only cost more but also be quite the headache. With Tunebite, however, this plethora of functions is condensed into one user interface, making it a lot more convenient than using several different tools simultaneously. With its diverse functions, paying $39.90 for the Platinum version is certainly justified.

On balance, Tunebite is a high-performance tool offering many different and very useful functions. For top-software-reviews.com, Tunebite is clearly a recommended buy!

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