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Review For “War on Intimacy”: how agenda-driven sex ed sabotages relationships

How did we arrive at such a place in this country’s higher education system where the first University-sponsored conversation about male-female intimacy is often “put the condom on before the penis touches” any of the three openings to the female body? Why are we having this kind of conversation not just with college students, but with 11-year-olds, many of whom have not yet reached puberty?

More important, what has this inescapable discourse, presented nonstop to us in subway ads, 30-foot-long billboards, mandatory sex ed classes, in urgent, moralizing tones warning, preaching, scolding, cajoling us about the dangers of “unsafe sex” done to the way our children, and we ourselves, understand intimacy? How did the mantra of “safe sex” become one of the core concepts of our culture and how does that influence the way we approach romantic relationships?

Readers of a ground-breaking book, “The War on Intimacy“, will be surprised to learn that a vast censorship underlies much of sex education and reporting about sexual health today, both in the classroom and in widely repeated pronouncements of the mainstream media. A disturbing pattern of omission, redefinition, and repression of language and research regarding sexual health is a tragic story that few journalists make effort to understand, much less attempt to report.

Many cultural critics have lamented the sexual “hook-ups” practiced with “friends-with-benefits,” but what most of them fail to see is that the “hook-up” world is pretty much the flip side of the “condom world,” the natural outcome of the mantra of “safe sex” that teens have been taught since before they entered puberty. They have learned their lessons all too well–– Love, commitment, fidelity—these are obsolete concepts in condom-spawned, hook-up world.

Consider the following questions: Is the purpose of most AIDS prevention to prevent the spread of AIDS, or is it to make people feel comfortable with having uncommitted sex with a succession of partners? Why, nearly two decades after ACT-UP activists proclaimed “Silence = Death,” does AIDS continue to plague our cities, especially among those who can recite the rules of “safe sex” like a catechism? Why are STD infection rates often highest among those who report the highest rates of condom use?

These are just some of the questions addressed in “The War on Intimacy”!

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