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The Rich Janitor Review

Is The Rich Janitor A Scam? An Honest Review…

The Rich Janitor is a system created by Mike Dougherty, a former janitor who became a millionaire through Internet Marketing.

He created The Rich Janitor to help others succeed online.

At first glance, The Rich Janitor seems too good to be true. But the results speak for themselves.

Using this Rich Janitor system, one of Mike’s students earned over $30,000 in a single month, after only two months.

Frankly, that was enough for me to try it out!

And I’m glad I did – because while this Rich Janitor system won’t make you a millionaire overnight, it WILL make you money if you put it to work.

The Rich Janitor system is quite simple to use: you create an article with one click, and submit it to dozens of article directories.

You can include affiliate links in the articles and get paid when someone purchases products through your links (which is very easy to set up).

There are a number of video tutorials which show how to use the software, plus a number of additional resources to help any newbie get started with Internet Marketing.

The price is $77 but – like many internet marketing products – they offer a discount price of $37 if you click away. I suggest doing this to save money, though even at $77 it’s still a good deal.

In conclusion, Rich Janitor is a solid money-making system, but you have to USE it to see results. If you purchase the system and do nothing, you cannot expect to make $10,000 (or even $10) a month.

After reviewing Rich Janitor, would recommend it to anyone interested in making money from home using a simple, easy to follow system.

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