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Review Of The PowerHowse Challenge

The PowerHowse Challenge Review

Just over a year ago Chad Howse began writing an ebook “The PowerHowse Challenge“. He had no title, but he had a purpose.

His blog is focused on helping guys build their ideal body – which often means more muscle, less fat, and improved performance. Three times a week he covers each of these topics as well as a host of other lifestyle topics ranging from being the best person we can be, to reaching our ultimate goals.

The title of the blog sums it up best, “a blog about being extraordinary: building a strong body and a strong life.”

But he wanted to take it one step further and get into real detail about the methods that took him from a skinny, unconfident-in-how-he-looked guy, to building 32 pounds of lean muscle in just 32 weeks. Methods that have benefitted others, and not just himself.

He wanted to provide us the system that took a guy who had trained for 7 years without gaining a single pound of muscle, to consistently gaining a pound a week for 32 weeks. He said that he gets a lot of emails from guys in a similar situation as that he was. Guys spending way too much money on supplements or on bogus workouts that just don’t seem to work. And hated to hear the frustration they have, because he was in the same boat only a couple of years ago.

The Goal: to Go Above and Beyond

Training is a huge part of the equation in building lean muscle, but other things are important as well. Nutrition plays a big part in our eventual success, so he devoted a large part of the book to nutrition as well. Things like being supremely motivated and the techniques to help us get there are just as important as both nutrition and training as well. So, he dedicated a large portion of the book to proper time management techniques, motivational techniques and things that helped him maintain a sense of urgency in each and every workout.

Everything you need to build muscle, lose fat, and improve your athleticism is in the ebook. He’s not someone who reads something, believes it, and then lives by it without ever testing it out. Everything he has put in the ebook was tested by himself and at least one of his clients.

The System

There are 3 12-week workouts strategically designed to help you build muscle, become stronger, faster, quicker, more powerful, and shed fat at the same time. Once you have gone through each of the three phases you will have the body of your dreams.

They aren’t easy workouts, and this isn’t an easy solution. Saying that building our dream body can be found in one quick fix would be, in his words: “lying to you.” An easy workout isn’t going to get you everything you want. They can get you some fat loss or some muscle gains, but they won’t bring you your ideal physique. These workouts are some of the most challenging you’ll ever do, and they’re designed to help you achieve more with your physique than you ever thought possible.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, each phase is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace. Just don’t be surprised if those progressions happen a lot faster than you thought was possible.

Within each phase is a challenge that you will complete before and after the phase to see the numeric evidence in your performance gains. The challenges also add competition to the program: the competition of besting your previous results, or beating someone else’s results.

It’s a complete program that doesn’t skip any steps.

The Meal Plans

Our diet can be attributed to a large portion of our success or lack-there-of. But finding the right meals that provide us with the right caloric value (the proper calories from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates) is a “big pain in the ass. If it’s up to me to figure out the right meals, I’m going to miss one or two during the day.”

But he makes it easy for you. No matter what your goal is, there’s a meal plan for you that will help you reach your goal. The meal plans have the proper ratios, the right meal frequency and the right meals – and they taste good to boot. “I’m not going to have you eating bland and boring foods for 36 weeks because that’s not something that I would do either,” he says.

Bonus: Video Exercise Database

This isn’t mentioned on the product page but rather is tossed in as a bonus. The Exercise Database is updated daily. If you want to try a new exercise or don’t know the proper form on an exercise there is visual explanation done for you.

Simply put…

The PowerHowse Challenge is designed to help you build your ideal body. Other programs will help you build muscle, some might help you lose fat, but the PowerHowse Challenge focuses on muscle, performance, and fat loss – everything we really want, but are too afraid to go after. But you can have it all, and this system is the vehicle that will get you there.

Here’s a presentation about Chad’s journey from that skinny, unconfident guy, to finding the system that helped him pack on the muscle that has given him the life that he have today ——> Muscle-Building Presentation.

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