The basics should not be forgotten

The basics should not be forgotten

It seems there is no particular wisdom to good web design from any web or software development company but that’s not true. If you look at a big number of websites today many of them will come up to be unprofessional even though the people who made them have degrees and experience. It’s just that hey forgot the rules of good and bad web design and are trying to make a quick buck without paying too much attention to the quality of the website.

Making sure you use bold type, a different color text or larger font when treating titles and subtitles or emphasizing a word or a portion of the text will help readers to browse through your site. Emphasizing links, making them a different color or underlining them will help too. Minimizing clicking and scrolling by presenting maximum information on the page will help make the site user-friendly according to web design kelowna companies.

Breaking up long text with good graphics (images, subheadings, quotations, etc.) will make visuals more vibrant and reading and perception easier. Have the menu available to see and use on each page, to make navigation simple. Don’t forget about the user and you will be making good web sites all along.

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