Skyrocket the Sales and Profits of Your Website with the Ubique SEO Pagetool

Ubique SEO Pagetool

Publisher: UBIQUE
The Ubique SEO Pagetool is a desktop program that is designed to do one job only, and it does that job superbly well. It quickly generates multiple pages that rank fantastically well in all search engines.

So before I tell you more about how the Ubique SEO Pagetool can benefit your business, here is a fact or two about search engines for the less experienced webmaster.

To be top of the search engine results for a particular search word or phrase is something all websites strive for, because by doing so you could transform your business overnight. There are many techniques you can use to help improve your results. Some are obvious and well understood. (All things being equal a 1000 page website is more likely to attract more visitors than a 5 page website) and others much less so (Strange but true! The colours used in the design of your enquiry form can directly influence the numbers of enquiries you get from it.)

Ubique SEO Pagetool is common knowledge that, apart from a few key staff, no-one knows exactly the criteria the search engines use to display their search results. This is actually not a bad thing, because if everyone knew, and used this knowledge to manipulate the results, then the results would be meaningless and no-one would benefit.

So although we don’t know exactly how they work, we can still make some good guesses as to what might be useful to improve our results. Some of these guesses work whilst others will not. So how do we know if they will work? There is only one way to do this and that is to test new pages that incorporate your ‘best guess’.

You have to create these pages, upload them, and closely monitor their performance on a daily, even hourly basis. (That’s how I know about the enquiry form colours!) It’s a long, frustrating process not helped by the fact that the search engines frequently change the way they list results. Put simply, this means that just because a page appears high in the results today, it is no guarantee that it will still appear high tomorrow.

But don’t despair. We’re here to help. We have tested many thousands of new pages, and know there are certain search engine ‘basics’ that have never changed, and are unlikely to change in the near future. One of the most important of these is that the page concerned should contain ‘Relevant content, closely matching the search term or search phrase used’

So if you want to build a highly performing 100 page website, and target 100 keywords, then either you, a member of your staff, or your web designer needs to create 100 individual pieces of relevant copy! This isn’t impossible of course but nevertheless it is a problem. Now imagine the problem you would have with a 1000 page site! It is this problem of having individual pieces of good relevant copy, for every page on your website, that prevents many websites from reaching their full potential.

And it is exactly this problem that the Ubique SEO Pagetool solves as it provides a unique and extremely cost effective solution!

Not only does the Ubique SEO Pagetool generate highly optimised pages, but it also inserts this relevant copy for you on each and every one of the pages it generates. Furthermore each piece of copy is used only once even if you use keywords that are very similar. For instance for keywords ‘mortgage’ and ‘mortgages’ completely different copy would be used for each of the pages generated.

The copy that is used, whilst perfectly readable by humans, is on the created page primarily for the search engines as a means of enabling them to establish a ‘theme’ for the page, and so rank it accordingly. The combination of your original page copy, the inserted copy, and several other features the tool uses means in Google’s eyes the pages are ‘unique’.

Features include –

#1 KEYWORD FINDER. Keyword finder feature that finds you new keywords related to your original keyword. Import an unlimited number of keywords or key phrases as a simple text file.

#2 PAGE CONTENT. Content finder feature locates and inserts different, relevant content broadly matching the keyword used on each page. You can also ‘cut & paste’ or import your own content.

#3 GOOGLE RESULTS. To add further ‘relevant’ copy to the pages generated the tool will insert a list of Google search results for the given keyword on the generated pages.

#4 LINKED PAGES. Each page generated has links to other pages generated at the same time.

#5 KEYWORD MIX. This feature allows you to alter the order of words within a combination of two or more keywords so creating more keyword combinations. This is very useful because the search engines often show different results for what appears to be the same search term. For instance ‘cheap mortgage’ shows different results to ‘mortgage cheap’ So on using this feature if you use the keyword phrase ‘best cheap mortgage’ it would be ‘mixed’ and add the keyword phrases of best mortgage cheap, cheap best mortgage, mortgage best cheap, cheap mortgage best, mortgage cheap best.

This feature enables you to create ‘new’ pages from pages previously generated by ‘shuffling’ copy used on one page to another page.

So if you truly want to take your website to the next level, you need to be using the Ubique SEO Pagetool!

Download Ubique SEO Pagetool Software Full Version Here:

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Skyrocket the Sales and Profits of Your Website with the Ubique SEO Pagetool, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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