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Reimage Review

Review Of Reimage: All in One Online PC Repair Tool

Reimage is an online PC repair software application that can make your Windows computer run like new, without the need to format then reinstall Windows and without losing your personal data. You can reverse damage on your PC in just two three steps: scan, diagnose, and repair. Reimage will save you the hassle and expense of fixing your PC yourself or paying a technician.

I came across this program when I was searching in PC help forums about how to fix a certain blue screen problem. I was also sure I had some viruses, as my PC was very slow. I downloaded the program and did the free scan, which took maybe 5 minutes. First it starts compiling data about your PC:

Online PC Repair Tool

Online PC Repair Tool 2

You get a hardware profile of your PC’s parts. It then compares your PC’s hardware (memory, disk space, CPU temperature) to a worldwide average.

Online PC Repair Tool 3

Online PC Repair Tool 4

Online PC Repair Tool 5

Online PC Repair Tool 6

After it’s done compiling information on your PC, the preliminary scan begins.

Reimage will scan your PC for:

PC Stability –Compiles a graph depicting which programs on your PC crash the most often.

PC Security – Scans for malware threats and uses 3 different ways of checking if your files are indeed a threat to your PC’s security. It then lists all the malicious files it’s found. These files are “tagged” for repair during the repair step.
In my case, Reimage found 5 malicious files on my PC. It also told me about one program that may crash.

Online PC Repair Tool 7

Online PC Repair Tool 8

Online PC Repair Tool 9

Online PC Repair Tool 10

After the 5 minute quick scan – I got my PC scan summary. I went ahead and purchased a license key to start the repair.

Online PC Repair Tool 11

Online PC Repair Tool 12

The Reimage repair started by clearing all the faulty files they found on my PC during the scan.

Online PC Repair Tool 13

Online PC Repair Tool 14

Then it was on to repairing damaged files and installing the fresh files from Reimage’s up to date online database. These files are downloaded straight from their servers (based on my geo-location) and are chosen based on my exact Windows operating system.

Online PC Repair Tool 15

Online PC Repair Tool -08

Online PC Repair Tool -10

Online PC Repair Tool -39

After the new replacement files were downloaded to my PC, the stability check took the longest to complete. The stability check makes sure that all issues are resolved on your PC. This is done by comparing your now fixed PC to the original stability report.

Online PC Repair Tool -52

Online PC Repair Tool -18

Online PC Repair Tool -56

Online PC Repair Tool -50

Online PC Repair Tool -32

After being prompted to reboot my PC so that Reimage can complete the repair process, this screen comes up. “Reimage is finalizing repair of exclusively locked files, we’re almost done…”

Online PC Repair Tool -55

Online PC Repair Tool -29

I always try to include a summary in my reviews, here it is:

The entire scan – diagnose – repair process took a little over 30 minutes to complete, which is very fast since it’s written that it may take up to one hour.

Pros:Reimage was incredibly easy to use. Just a few clicks and the whole process of repairing my PC was automatically done for me. Even my grandmother (who doesn’t really use a computer) could do it.

I got an informative profile of my hardware and PC status.

It did actually fix my PC by removing viruses and I haven’t had that blue screen problem again.

Cons:The program interface isn’t very pretty – no graphics or pretty animation, which is why the setup file is so small. Some people might actually care about this, but as long as it worked (it did!), this didn’t bother me.

Download Reimage Full Version Here:


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