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Presentation3D review

Presentation 3D is a real-time rendering 3D interactive presentation software. It is mainly used in a variety of presentation about business and products, the use of 3D animation and shape to attract more customers concerned about these products. You can use templates to quickly create it, can also be free to use these tools to realize ideas. Now, let’s look at what features of this software.

First open the Presentation 3D software, we will see a Wizard dialog box, This is the first use of the software are a great help., provided on the left use some common operations, while the lower right corner there will be a demo example to open this demo example, we can understand all the features of the software. In addition, this dialog also includes the recently opened files and news and support.

Overall software interface looks professional, like office2007 style, the top is the menu and functional areas, the left is the thumbnail and the Hierarchy view, the middle is real-time rendering window, open the interactive panel, on the right is the design of interactive animation area, and at the bottom is a tool bar. Various functions at a glance.

Presentation 3D review 2

We see this “new”, when you need to quickly create, they can select various layout has been designed, and then replace the text, but also other similar software with similar functionality.

Presentation3D Review 3

In the text, the Presentation 3D software includes the text and 3D and 2D algorithm for text, text to include the 2D outline and shadows, while the 3D-text to include a variety of texture effects and bevel. 2D and 3D text are interchangeable, in terms of text alignment in 3D software, the text also done the same and 2D adjustment and alignment. Including superscript, subscript, toggle, text adaptive region, and so on. It is hard too.

Presentation3D review 4

Let’s look at the shape list, the Presentation 3D software can not only create a common shape, but also can use the font shapes, or import svg shapes. After two ways to help us get more shapes.

Most of the properties of shapes can be adjusted, including the number of edge or angle, arc size, round radius, etc..

Presentation3D Review 5

In addition, the Presentation 3D software provides a common object, including Images, Video, 3D Model, Navigation, Tables, Image Wall, 3D Charts, Particles and so on.

Table and the Image Wall of Presentation 3D software is very unique features. A module can hold multiple tables and table content can be set more than the number of rows in the presentation buttons can be used during the switching tables and data.
Presentation 3D Review 6

Image Wall is used to display multiple images best way, he includes Horizon, Vertical, Round Horizon, Round Vertical and Albumd. Use, the user can not under any design, flexible display images, and can increase description of the image.
Presentation 3D Review 7

Navigation here to mention, use the navigation we can specify the navigation button to jump to any Slide. Only need to enter the slide to set the serial number on the can. For example, 02 or 03.
Presentation 3D Review 8

On the other, Presentation 3D software has a good mechanism about themes and styles, the first, software includes theme color combinations, in the fast-styles, each a theme color changes from deep to shallow, and with transparency, outline, and bevel combine to produce a rich style of type.

Presentation3D Review 9Presentation3D Review 10

In color and texture settings, you can choose the color matched the color theme, if you change the theme color, then set the color will change accordingly. In texture, the software can not only select the built-in texture, but also can choose the texture image, and select whether the texture and color mixing. Texture can choose to reflection, mirror model, and can set the texture Transform and Animation.
Presentation3D Review 11

Presentation 3D Software provides 16 types of commonly used bevel. And can adjust the bevel height. Select the appropriate chamfer, the model looks have more texture, and will achieve different results.
Presentation3D Review 12

In the background, the Presentation 3D software provides the color, dynamic, Skybox, Image this in several ways. Skybox which can map to the ground and sky simulation, dynamic background is the background image, you can have rules of movement and stacking.This should be a very flexible function.
Presentation3D Review 13

Open the interactive panel on the right can be seen in the Presentation 3D software design of interactive animation list. Here are a variety of control and animation mode choice, and can play a sound and set a camera animate. Animation can also set the length and delay, is very flexible.
Presentation3D Review 14

In the Presentation Tab, the Presentation 3D software can set the resolution for display window, and you can preview and playback.
Presentation3D Review 15

In the other, open the camera lock, you can use the mouse to adjust the camera flight, and at here we can reset the camera position and rotate.
Presentation3D Review 16
In addition, the software produced in the lower left corner of the window playing a default navigation bar, use it can easily jump to the next Slide.

Finally, the Presentation 3D software provides a very effective work function, is exported. Can be exported as image display, broadcast or exported as video or image sequence. Can be used by other software.
Presentation3D Review 17

Presentation3D Review 18
Presentation3D software is based on OGRE, using the QT development, so it’s cross-platform performance and ability to have great potential in the future. Through these features, we can know that the software is a combination of commonly used software advantages of ease of use, integrated into 3D software, so that the original production of complex 3D simple to use. And the use of interactive animation, there are more ways to make Presentation. Can also use your imagination to show to accommodate more information and more attractive.

Hope Presentation3D could bring a different 3D display production experience.

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