Mortgage Modifications Made Easy eBook Review (Sold out)

eBook Review For Mortgage Modifications Made Easy

Mortgage Modifications Made Easy ebook

Mortgage Modifications Made Easy is a 70 page guide to help homeowners reduce their home payments quickly and easily. The price is only $15.00. Written by real estate broker Bob Boog, author of Selling Homes 1-2-3, this Mortgage Modifications Made Easy book was written to cover a gap of knowledge that exists for most people trying to take advantage of President Obama’s HAMP program (Home Affordable Mortgage Program). Currently, only about 40% of homeowners who qualify for the HAMP program (Home Affordable Mortgage Program) have been approved for loan modifications. Why? The slumping economy is one factor, but the other reason has to do with not knowing what lenders are looking for. After all, isn’t a home the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make? Yet 60% of the people blindly mail financial documents to this program in hopes that their payments will be lowered and then are surprised when the loan mod gets declined. Wouldn’t it make sense to try to improve your odds by educating yourself about the process first?

Here is what the Mortgage Modifications Made Easy book covers:

  • What’s in it For Me?
  • How some people have made $50 from this Mortgage Modifications Made Easy book
  • Why do Banks Modify Loans
  • What if I am Self Employed?
  • What does the Application Look Like?
  • What are Some Common Mistakes People Make?
  • Six Strategies for Success
  • What happens if someone doesn’t qualify?
  • More Areas for Errors
  • Properly filling out IRS Form 4506T
  • Three Terrific Tips
  • Completing the Budget
  • Sample Profit & Loss Statement
  • A Word about Bank Accounts
  • Communication
  • How to Get Your Principal Debt Reduced
  • The Final Modification Agreement
  • What People Are Saying About Mortgage Modifications Made Easy eBook

    I think that with the economy in crisis, that more than ever than before, banks seem to care less about what happens to you.. The number of foreclosures in the market is higher than ever before. The author educates readers on how the bank will view their loan file. What works and what doesn’t and why it doesn’t and what you can do if it doesnt. I really appreciate that the author tells readers the techniques shown in this book because lenders seem to promise they will just reduce your loan payment by sending in your paystubs and signing some papers. It’s not going to happen for everybody. Get realistic. There are risks involved in doing a loan modification. The best thing a person can do to minimize them is by getting educated on the subject.


    With so many HAMP program (Home Affordable Mortgage Program) home loan modifications not being approved, (right now there’s just a 37% acceptance rate at Chase Bank) I was looking for a true hands-on book that would show me how to get my loan modification done. This book fits the bill perfectly and it only cost $15 bucks!

    This Mortgage Modifications Made Easy book is well laid out, easy to follow and filled with real practical stuff – instead of fluff. It has actual letters to banks, forms, budgets and even a sample Profit and Loss Statement that I was able to use in modifying the loan for my property.(Part of my income is as a self-employed graphic designer) I had a hard time copying one of the forms, but there’s a link which allowed me to download a printable version which cost a few dollars extra but did make my life a lot easier. According to the author, I can now even make money by supplying random homeowners who need a Profit and Loss Statement or other forms to be typed up and charging them for it as a secretarial service. HA.I thought to myself when I read this. Like somebody would actually pay me to do this? Yeah, right.

    But this was the most up-to-date information I could find on loan modifications, and I am proud to say that my loan was approved and modified in flying colors. Update: I sent the Mortgage Modifications Made Easy book to my brother and believe it or not, my brother who is a general contractor made $50 by acting as a secretary for one of his Spanish-speaking workers. HA.

    My son was talking about modifying his loan so I went to the local mega-bookstore and saw the hardcover version of this Mortgage Modifications Made Easy book. In the bookstore it’s offered $19.95 so I went back home and bought the online version, saving myself $5.00. It’s ten pages longer too, so perhaps some things have been updated or added? Not sure. The Mortgage Modifications Made Easy book is not perfect by any means, but what I liked is straight away the author says he can’t guarantee that your loan will even be modified. All he’s trying to do is improve your odds. It’s a straightforward, practical guide for modifying a loan. It gives you all the necessary steps (and helpful supplemental materials) but it’s still up to you to do it.

    I really liked the little tips he casually mentions, from buying a spiral notebook and keeping it on a night table to not using a co-signor. Interesting. There are some links to paid forms in the Mortgage Modifications Made Easy book and maybe if I were a real estate agent I would use them and become a professional loan modifier, because after calling around, most of them wanted between $1,500 – $3,000 to modify my home loan. For my $15, I’d say he more than delivered.

    Download Mortgage Modifications Made Easy eBook Full Version Here:


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