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Mind Right Body Tight Review

Review Of The Mind Right, Body Tight Program

(Review from a 36 year old mother of 3 from Pennsylvania)


I had never purchased an eCourse before buying the Mind Right, Body Tight program two months ago. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first because I’ve tried everything to lose weight but “Mind Right, Body Tight” is different from everything I’ve ever tried.

First, “Mind Right, Body Tight” is an educational program – not just a book. Instead of reading chapters you follow a 7 – Day format so every day you learn something different as it pertains to fat loss. Every day includes interactive worksheets that you can print out and use as you read from the computer.

On the first day you learn the foundation principals of the course. They are the guidelines of the program that help you along your journey. On Day 2 you learn about Mindset, and how to change bad habits and behaviors, like getting over making excuses and how to silence the little ‘voice’ in your head that tells you to be lazy. Day 3 talks about the body: how it gains/loses fat and muscle and what factors influence your metabolism.

Day 4 tells you all about the different nutrients needed to lose fat. Day 5 tells you how to eat and put a meal together. Day 6 describes cardio exercise in detail and Day talks about weight training.

I really liked how Christina Carlyle ties all of the information from the course throughout the days of the program. Things you learn in Day 1 you’ll find in Day 2. Things you learn in Day 3 will be tied into Day 5, 6 and 7. The foundation principals are references throughout the entire course so you know exactly how to use them in your real life and there are plenty of examples to get you to think about why you are the way you are and how you can fix them.

You have to start with Day 1 and then do 2, 3, 4 etc. in order. Now that I’m following the program it makes perfect sense because you have to start with a foundation before you can reach peak physical condition. The concept is outlined on the MRBT “Fat Loss Pyramid” provided on Day 1. Mind Right, Body Tight also offers the Fat Loss Pyramid as a free gift if you subscribe to their newsletter. I’ve shown the pyramid to my co-workers and they all subscribed and bought the course.

The Mind Right, Body Tight Course said it would teach me everything I would need to know about fat loss and it did! I had dozens of ah-hah moments. I used to be a slave to the elliptical machine and never saw my body change – now I know why. MRBT said I would see results in 60 days and I definitely have! I lost 3 dress sizes! With MRBT I learned how to change my excuses into (positive) actions and now I know how to say no thank you when I’m full. I learned how to monitor my progress without a scale and have more energy than I did when I was 22 – I’m a 36 year-old mother of 3.

The Mind Right, Body Tight Course surpassed my expectations. The only thing that I didn’t like about the course was that throughout the text it will ask you to pause and get out your worksheet for that particular section or from a previous day. If you don’t have the handouts already printed it’s kind of annoying that you have to stop and find the worksheet that you need. I suggest printing out all of the handouts from the “Extras folder” before you begin reading.

The Mind Right, Body Tight Course is extremely affordable at only $67. I’ve spent nearly twice that on 1 personal training session alone. The weight training guide provided on Day 7 actually included more exercises than my former trainer had me do at the gym. The weight training guide explains everything in detail and had step-by-step pictures that you can reference. It’s extremely helpful and I no longer wonder aimlessly around the gym wondering what I should do and how to do it. I honestly would have paid twice as much for the Mind Right, Body Tight program. I’m even buying a copy for my best friend as a birthday gift because she keeps asking what I’m doing!

I wish I had found Mind Right, Body Tight sooner – if I had I wouldn’t have let the little ‘voice’ convince me that being pregnant was an excuse to eat everything in sight. But, if it wasn’t for an internet search trying to find out how to lose all of the baby weight I wouldn’t have found MRBT! Ha!

Sincerely –

Katie McClaine, Mechanicsburg, PA

(Review from a 42 year old woman)


The Mind Right, Body Tight program was chock-full of ‘ah-hah’ moments for me.

I used to torture myself with wacky diets. I use to slave away on the treadmill but couldn’t figure out why the weight wasn’t coming off. It wasn’t until I began learning the Mind Right, Body Tight Course that I was able to make the changes needed to start finally seeing some real results.

I learned how to eat, exercise, and think to lose fat and to my amazement – the fat is finally coming off fast! Now I only eat when I’m truly hungry. That was a huge realization for me… that I used to train in a way that wasn’t effective. Now that I am aware of my body type and shape. Now I exercise the way I need to for MY body.

I really like that Christina Carlyle was straightforward with the information. She didn’t dwell on minor details which made the course easy to understand and finish. I also like the Day by Day concept instead of having to read chapters. Each day of the course only took me about 45 minutes to read – about an hour total after I worked out all of the worksheets.

I loved the worksheets and found the interaction refreshing. Christina challenged me to be honest and I really made some personal breakthroughs understanding how I had been self-sabotaging when I was trying to lose fat.

I was a little confused about how a e-Course worked and didn’t realize that the program would be downloaded to my computer. I was hoping to get something in the mail but it actually worked out better because I got the program right away and I do a lot of work on my computer so I found it convenient that I could open up the day of the program that I was on, print out the worksheets and start whenever I wanted. It’s also nice knowing the course will always be on my computer. I can’t lose it the way I could a hardcover book.

All in all I highly recommend the Mind Right, Body Tight course to anyone who’s ever tried to lose fat but didn’t know why they weren’t losing fat. The course is a bargain at only $67! I’ve saved more than 3 times that because I no longer need to buy any (pointless!) fat burning pills.

Thanks Mind Right, Body Tight Course – 25 pounds lost, 15 to go !

Yours Truly-

Judith Kissel, Boca Raton, Florida

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