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Review Of MagicCute Data Backup

MagicCute Data Backup contains Drive cloning, Partition Cloning and Drive Imaging solutions. With it, you can copy hard drive content to another hard drive, save the whole drive to an image file and restore it later. MagicCute Data Backup can process all the data in the seleted hard drive, including the operating system(including boot record), data files, applications, pictures, video, financial documents and settings.

Standout Features Of MagicCute Data Backup

  1. Hard Drive/Partition Cloning
  2. Hard Drive/Partition Imaging
  3. Partition Layout Adjustment
  4. Treat the image file as a Virtual Drive
  5. MagicCute Rescue CD

My system is Windows 7, maybe one of the most popular operating system in the world. I download the MagicCute Data Backup full version program and follow the instructions to install the program. 30 seconds later, MagicCute was installed successfully. MagicCute will install a desktop shortcut & a quick lauch shortcut in your task-bar by default.

MagicCute Data Backup has a nice and user friendly interface.

MagicCute Data Backup 1

On the left banner, you can find some useful tools. For example, the “Partition Manager” is the outstanding one. After clicking this button, MagicCute Data Backup will launch the build-in partition manager. You can add, delete or format partitions with it. It is a great helpful function if you would like to partition your new hard drive before cloning the system.

On the right panel, you can select the partition or hard drive you want to clone/backup. Nowadays lots of backup softwares place too many functions in their main page. You can hardly find out the one you want. But MagicCute Data Backup just put the necessary functions in the main page. It is easy to begin.

If you would like to know more about cloning hard drive, MagicCute Data Backup provides lots of detailed documents & flash demonstrations.

If you want to clone your hard drive to a new bigger hard drive, “Partition Layout Adjustment” will help you to make full use of the rest space in target drive. In order to test this feature, I borrowed a 150GB hard drive from my friend and connect it to my computer. After selecting the source hard drive and target hard drive, I reach the “Adjust Partition Layout” page.

MagicCute Data Backup 2

In this page, I have three choices: “Do nothing”, “Use all the free space in target” and “Convert free space to a partition”.

a. “Do nothing”. It means that the program will not change the partition size in target drive. In my case, my source hard drive is 37.25GB and the target hard drive is 149.5GB. Selecting this choice will waste 112GB in target drive.

b. “Use all the free space in target”. If you choose this option, MagicCute Data Backup will recalcute the partition layout will be on target drive. For example, if your source drive is 6GB and it contains 3 partitions (their size are 1GB, 2GB, 3GB) and the target drive is 18GB, this choice will change the size of the partitions to be 3GB, 6GB and 9GB. The 13GB free space has been taken full advantage of.

c. “Convert free space to a partition”. If you choose it, MagicCute will convert the free space to be a raw partition. Your must format the new partition before saving files in it.

Norton ghost provides similar function. But you have to calculate the new size and then adjust the partitions one-by-one. MagicCute Data Backup integrates two popular usages into to two options. You do not have to do anything but just select the one you want. You can see the virtual result instantly through the “Partition Layout will be in Target Drive” group box.

Another remarkable feature in MagicCute Data Backup is “Treat the image file as a Virtual Drive”. It means that you can connect the image file to a drive letter (eg. X: or Y: …) and browse the files in it with windows explorer. If you have saved your partition or hard drive to an image file and would like to get some files in it, this function is the one you want. Again, I do not like to copy and paste.

Last but not least, MagicCute provides the Rescue CD. The CD contains a compact version of the Linux operating system with a familiar mouse and graphical interface. If your system is crashed, you can restore your previous system backup to recover your computer. This CD also contains some useful tools for you. FixBCD is the remarkable one. It can fix the 0xC000000E (winload.exe is missing or corrupt) boot error.


It is easy to install the software. What you have to do is just clicking “Next”, “Next”, “Next”…
If you do not like the software, MagicCute Data Backup provides the uninstall program. With it, you can completely uninstall MagicCute Data Backup.

Ease of Use:

MagicCute Data Backup has a nice and easy-to-use user interface. You can find the function you want easily. If you are not sure about the function, you may move the mouse to the label and wait for a while. A tooltip explaining the function will be displayed.


With a few clicks, you can clone your system to another location. It is one of the most easy-to-use software I have seen.

Clone Speed:

The Clone speed is remarkable. I try the hard drive to hard drive clone. The clone speed can reach up to 1890GB/min.


MagicCute Data Backup includes comprehensive embedded help. All subjects are divided into individual categories, which helped us find everything we were looking for. You’ll have quick access to the help information through the help menu toolbar. If you do not like to read the document, you can visit and go to the “Hot to use” section. They provide several nice flash demonstrations there.


MagicCute Data Backup is an excellent data backup software product. You can clone/image your hard drive easily & effectively. With its own high performance data copy engine, data clone speed can reach up to 2GB per minute. This software save much time for you. But it does not contain some popular function, like “File Backup”.

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