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Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible

Review Of Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible

The Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible is 50 pages of really great content on the very difficult subject of how to get what you want when doing a timeshare exchange. The author, Jeff PIerce, promises that no matter what kind of timeshare resort you own you will have far better results and far less frustration by applying the techniques and strategies found in the Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible.

He even promises that if you are already getting great exchanges that you will get even better ones.

I’ve struggled with Interval International for years, just taking what’s available rather than what I really wanted. I could never get into Hawaii, the Caribbean or Cabo San Lucas in peak season,so I was a bit skeptical.

But since I had already spent so much money purchasing my timeshare I thought it worth spending a couple of bucks to learn how to use it right.

There were a bunch of testimonials on the website from people who were successfully using the Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible plus it came with a 60 day, unconditional money back guarantee, so I gave it a shot.

Am I ever glad I did. The first time I applied the strategies in the Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible I got a 2 bedroom timeshare exchange into the Club Cascadas de Baja in Cabo San Lucas. It’s a Interval International Premier resort right on the beach and I had been wanting to go there for years.

Club Cascadas is a legendary timeshare and our 2 bedroom was on the second floor with our own suspended, private spa. It was amazing. Plus, it was February and we could watch whales all day long from the beach.

Our next exchange was was to the Westin Ka’anapali Beach in Maui. This Interval International resort is Premier and right on one of the nicest beaches in Hawaii.

I’d recommend the Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible to anyone that owns a timeshare based on my experience. Neither of my 2 timeshare weeks are brand name or Premier and both are one bedroom units. The results were amazing and just as promised.

If you are already getting amazing results with Interval International or you don’t want to take the time to learn the secrets packed in the 50 pages,you may not need it. It is well written for a somewhat boring subject especially if you consider that it is 50 pages of pure content.

Jeff delivers 21 secrets to getting good exchanges, 9 different exchange request strategies (I never new there was such a thing) and 10 case studies to help you understand how to apply it all. The only advice Interval International gives is to bank early and request early.

It’s really easy to order. Just click on the Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible fill in the easy and secure order form and you will instantly have access to the downloadable PDF.

I also recommend the Deluxe version of the Interval International Timeshare Exchange Bible that includes the Best Times to Travel Guide. Jeff indexed all 170 resorts regions in Interval International alphabetically and listed the absolute best time of the year to go there. So if you know you want to go to South Africa for a photo safari you just go down to the “S” section, find South Africa and the best months of the year will be listed.

The Best Times to Travel Guide is also reverse listed by month. So if you know you’d like to take a vacation in September but don’t know where to go, you just find the September/October section and you’ll find more than 110 resort locations listed. It’s really handy and a big timesaver.

The Deluxe version also includes a section on how to prepare and what to do if caught in a natural disaster while on vacation. We print out the pertinent section to take with us when traveling to resort areas that prone to natural disasters. You’d be surprised how many areas of the world are.

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