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ImageSizer Review

Review Of ImageSizer by Intracept Technology

Have you ever been on holiday, or to a party, and taken lots of photos with your new digital camera? Did you appreciate the quality of those high resolution images? Modern digital cameras are great, however, what happens if you wish to share many photos with your family or friends?

Often, you’ll want to upload them to a photo hosting server. The file sizes are generally large with high resolution cameras. You could take the photos on a lower resolution with your camera, but then you lose the quality you paid for with that new camera, and when printed the pictures may be grainy. You could resize them individually, but what If you have many photos you wish to share? You find that you’ll only then select a few photos and post those to your chosen web server, and lose much of the atmosphere of the occasion.

Intracept Technology’s ImageSizer application can help. You can choose to resize an entire folder of images, or select files from all over your PC. You have the option of specifying the output image size in pixels, or as a percentage of the original image’s dimensions. You can also change their format from many image formats to one of JPG, GIF, BMP or TIF, all in a single operation. There is no limit to the number of images you can resize and convert in one step.

Additionally, ImageSizer allows you to change the palette on your selected images, again all in a single operation. Exercise your artistic expression by converting your images to grayscale or give them an old-world feel by applying a sepia filter. Your original images are not modified in any way, so you can still use them for printing, or resize them again to a different size if you wish.

ImageSizer has been developed for the Windows platform, and will work on Windows XP SP3, Windows 2003, Vista (and Vista 64) and Windows 7. Intracept Technology provides a 30 day trial so you can test its functionality before purchasing it.

All in all, ImageSizer is a quality product that gives you the ability to manage large numbers of images for distribution through the web in a simple, easy to use application.

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