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If you are the Windows user you have at least one graphic editor. It is graphic editor MS Paint, which shipped with Windows by default. If you are the professional artist or the designer most soon you use graphic editor Photoshop that is the most popular and powerful graphic editor for professionals. In a range between MS Paint and Photoshop there is a plenty of programs, which differ among themselves not qualitatively but quantitatively by set of graphic tools.

The Images Generator drops out of this line. This program has such tooling for creation and editing of images, which have not other programs. With the help of the program you can create images, which can be used in Web graphics, engineering designing and other areas. It is difficultly or even impossible to obtain such images with the help of other means.

Any of the following definitions can be applied for the Images Generator: graphic editor, texture creator, 3D images creator, collages creator, a photo transformer, and program for engineering designing.

As the graphic editor Images Generator has a full set of the basic tools of 2D graphics and a plenty of graphic filters and converters. Adjustment of color characteristics can be carried out simultaneously on 13 parameters. Graphic filters and transformations can be applied to the whole image or to the selected area of the image. The Images Generator program ensures the functioning with scanners and printers.

For creation of images multi-colour lines and lines of variable width are used. The Images Generator program allows to obtain such lines that color and width of there parts changes under the given mathematical law. Multi-colour lines can be saved in memory and be used as the brush tip of a graphic tool brush. The tool brush thus shares on two kinds depending on what type the vector or raster image is used as a brush tip. The Images Generator tool brush may be used in common with trajectories. In points of a trajectory sizes and an angle of turn of the vector image can be changed under functional dependencies. It allows you to achieve a several graphic effects one of which is the volumetric effect.

For fill of the selected part of the image a plenty of fill methods is used. The part from these methods is based on using of lines which configuration is determined by the shape of border of painted over area. Program provides uniformity of placement of fill lines in image area. For each fill line color from specifying color sequence can be given. By specifying of the certain color sequence volumetric effect is achieved. The Images Generator program allows to create complex three-dimensional models without using of the mathematical apparatus and the special software.

For each fill line a level of a transparency can be given too. In the Images Generator program some laws of change of a level of a transparency for a sequence of lines are built – in. It provides interesting graphic effects.

Images Generator Review

Images Generator is the convenient tool for collages creating. To create collage you can to select image part and displace it by the mouse to required position. The program has many tools that are intended to select a part of the image. Two of these tools make a selection by based upon the colors in the image. The first tool allows to select image area consisting of points, color of which belongs to the given range. The second tool allows to select image area from background. Color of points of background border belongs to the given range. Each tool has some modes that are distinguished among themselves by the used measure of closeness between points depending on their color.

In the Images Generator the novel method of transformation of raster images is used. This method allows to obtain high-quality realistic images on the basis of the initial image. Type of transformation is determined by obtained by the user directional curve and by choosing one of modes of transformation. You can to obtain directional curve using selection tools and built-in shapes and mathematical curves. Modes of transformation are divided on two parts. One part of modes provides compression of the image in a vertical and horizontal direction or to the center of the image. Other part of modes provides enlargement of the image in a vertical and horizontal direction or from the center of the image.

One of the important areas of raster transformation method use is processing of photos. Program let you to make portraits from photo.

Images Generator may be used as the program for technical designing. It has a plenty of the built – in shapes as a rhombus or parallelogram and mathematical curves such as a sinusoid or a parabola. Program allows to obtain unlimited amount of the shapes and curves of a complex configuration by a combination of the built – in shapes, mathematical curves, splines and the hand drawn lines. Curves of a complex configuration are used for creation of volumetric models. They allow to select image area and to fill and outline or to apply graphic filters and converters to selected area.

Images Generator can be used as schematic drawing program. All that are necessary for this is table of symbols. You choose a symbol and then place it in the schematic by dragging the mouse. Then use the pen or line tool to make connections.

The Images Generator program allows to draw complex function diagrams, to design shades at any angle and to draw tables with any amount of columns and raws.

Combining of properties of various to destination programs in one program allows using it for the various purposes in a wide range of applications. Images Generator can be used as the program for creation of identikits, the program for choosing of hairstyles and clothes and the program for creation of portraits. The program can be used in the textile and paper industry.

The program has the small sizes and consequently is quickly downloaded. The interface of the program has much in common with the interface of program MS Paint.

The Images Generator program can be studied for short time and is accessible to beginners and children.

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