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Review of Forexbody Forex System and Signal with Expert Advisor for Mt4

As a Forex trader I have been scammed by many so called Forex systems and strategies and as a human being I never quit trying. I finally ran to Forexbody by mere chance. The first think that drew my attention was the fact that this was not like the rest of the hype. First of all I was able to download the entire system which consist of the expert advisor and the installing package for free. after providing my name and email on the registration tab in the installer I was given access code immediately which was needed only once per each computer I use for running my Metatrader Forex software. That was a relief. No more forms and popping windows begging for payment or registration.

The amazing thing is that the provider is so confident of the product that they actually provide you with the actual download link for Free. but what they do is that only allow you to use the Expert advisor on demo or virtual accounts unless you become a premium user via daily, monthly subscriptions. They also offer one time payment for life updates or yearly subscriptions from time to another.

So what happened when I started Forexbody as instructed on the little installer?

Since I’m already a seasoned Forex trader it makes no sense to me to just use demo accounts anymore. I would rather use small real accounts and do live trading. so the Forexbody free offer was no big deal to me unless I can use it on real live account. Among the options I found for Forexbody was $3.00 daily subscription and the free option when I signup with 2 Forexbody recommended brokers. which was easy. So I went for the latter and opened 2 small Forex accounts to use the Forexbody EA on.

Installing the Forexbody EA on any broker MT4 ( MT4 is short for Meta trader 4 which is the software required for automated Forex trading with Expert advisors such as the Forexbody Money Printer V4 ) easier done than said. The carefully planned installer takes care of everything with very simple steps process. In fact it takes seconds and one restart of MT4 to save settings forever. If Forexbody creates another update ( which is quite as often as weekly ) the same process would have to be repeated exactly the same way.

Since I got Forexbody on my computer I have been thru 3 updates and I’m astonished at the amount of improvement and additional options added on each of these updates. If I was subscribing monthly or daily, this would be worth every dime of my money because if I had to do this on my own it would take me years and if I have to hire a programmer to do it for me alone he or she would have charged me thousands of dollars.

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How does this Forexbody Autotrader work?

First of all, This is a fully automated Forex trading system and just the about the only automated system I ever known that does not require any input from the user after setup. With all the options are there, Forexbody provides the ultimate settings template ( the most beautiful one I have seen ) to be loaded on EURUSD chart. once the template is loaded on the chart it automatically loads the and activate the Forexbody EA on that currency. Mt4 options should be set to allow Expert advisors and you just might see your first trade immediately. The only exception is if your broker time is not GMT, in that case you must open EA parameter window and input your broker GMT offset hour shift and minute shift if necessary.

Using Forexbody Ea for all my automated Forex trading needs unattended I came to the conclusion that this system is very robust and reliable. When it comes to making money it does in fact make more money than laborious manual trading. If I want to compare to other systems I bought over the years, I do not think there is anything in the market that compares to Forexbody today. not even any that comes close.

The new Forexbody EA V4 was built from scratch again in an ever increasing effort by the developer to reduce risks further. We are talking about possible risks resulting from user setup errors or software instability. The new EA has been coded by one of the most skilled mql4 programmers in the world and the size of the code is immense in comparison with any other expert advisor. It is an on going project that continues its ride to perfection state. All new changes are explained on Auto Forex website

Basically the new Forexbody plays the Forex game as it should be played. Never using a stop loss in spite of the fact you can always do. The strategy works because it counts on elastic state of account. Few hundred pips against the EA presents no menace. meanwhile few pips can endanger your account with most other Expert advisors. In other words, the EA does not press hard on leverage to grow the account, but on the greater percentage of profitable trades and compounding effect over time.

In the first few days you would experience a small draw dawn as the EA holds the trades. Once the market moves you will start to experience balance increase. To see equity increasing you might have to wait few weeks.

The Forexbody EA can be programmed to do up 9 trades per day for each weekday, and each trade can repeat itself at the exact time next week. Each of the programmable trades has its own risk settings and exit method, its own stop loss and profit pool setting In addition to the programmed trades, there is the scalping module with its own programmable settings and exit settings. The new Forexbody EA now includes a news trading module, which if enabled, can trade at hot market times and take advantage of the volatile times a well. According to Forexbody, this module will have the option of hedging at news time.

Future bank holidays are coded into the EA and user can disable trades on these holidays if they see that holiday trades are not as successful as the rest of their trades. Everything else like broker digits and symbol, is automatically detected. even default leverage used on the account is automatically detected. If EA detects 50:1 leverage all trade sizes are cut in half. This bring us to one of the most advanced features this expert advisor has, which is the AutoRiskmax.

AutoRiskmax is an exclusive Forexbody technology that allows the EA to trade on small accounts as small as $50. but as the account grows the EA will automatically adjust lot calculations and protect the account as it gets bigger. So in percentages, this EA makes more money on very small accounts but greater risks are involved. Larger accounts of $1000 more are treated with more respect as more capital at stake. The Forexbody is even a lot safer on very large Forex accounts and very appropriate for larger accounts. The Ea also includes the capability of ECN Forex account ordering process. If you do not know what ECN means in Forex you should start searching. It is the better account type for you.

In conclusion, as a user I recommend this automated Forex trading system for anyone to try. specially that anyone can try it free of charge on unlimited number of Forex demo accounts for unlimited time. For institutional users it could be the safest option available for lager size accounts due to the AutoRiskmax feature. and this makes it a viable alternative for tired Forex account managers who are tired of watching the charts day in and day out to produce hardly any return. Forexbody EA can double $100 in 2 weeks easily ( higher risk ) and $1000 in 5 weeks ( less risk ). but with accounts in excess of 100k you can expect a double every year with least possible risks, but again nothing can be guaranteed in Forex.

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