Facebook Quiz Application Script QuizCreation1.0 Review

Facebook Quiz Application Creation Script

Publisher: MPORGsoft

With thousands of consumers using the most popular social networking site, Facebook, it is not good enough anymore to just rely on Google for traffic.

With the Facebook Quiz Application Script you can tap into the Facebook audience using a unique marketing technique. See how well people know your product with a quiz. Do you sell cameras or maybe web hosting? See if Facebook users can identify parts of a camera or server. Your Facebook users will have fun and be intrigued to visit your site.


Features of Facebook Quiz Application Script:
– Fully customizable! Your own text and images.
– Can create unlimited questions and as many answers as you want for each question.
– Can easily add images to each quation asked.
– Configurable header and footer advertisements.
– Optimized for maximum CPM (cost per thousand) or CPC (cost per click) performance. QuizCreation will generate 2 views per question (26 total views for each user based on a 10 question quiz).
– Configurable results and result images.
– Users can publish their quiz results to their profile.
– Users are prompted to invite friends to take the quiz before seeing results.
– Easy setup with no Mysql Database Required!
– Free installation available!
– Includes free lifetime updates to your application as Facebook changes how their platform works.
– Fully brandable. No links or logos to MPORGsoft will appear in your application (only in our demo above do links exist).

Download Facebook Quiz Application Script QuizCreation1.0 Software Full Version Here:

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Facebook Quiz Application Script QuizCreation1.0 Review, 10.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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