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Occult practices has become very popular nowadays. Wicca is one of such practices and relatively young religion, which has become very popular in the US and Europe. The religion incorporate views of various traditions, from Celtic magic to Indian yoga.

And it’s not surprise to find software to perform and create Wicca rituals and cast wicca spells. Although wicca spells and descriptions of wicca rituals are widespread in online and offline media, this software claims to be assistant of wiccan, rather than collection of spells and potion recipes.

Author does not claim eWicca to produce magical results, stating “magic is the sphere of activities of human, but not of computers or machinery”. This is at least fair, since most vendors, selling spells or spell casting services, claim unbelievable outcomes.

eWicca is positioned as all-in-one software which helps to create working wicca rituals. Lets review such phrases as “all-in-one” and “working rituals”

“All-in-one” implies, you do not need additional training or help, performing rituals. This is in fact true, because eWicca contains so-called “ceremonies” to prepare for “rituals” and wicca rituals themselves. I do not understand the rationale behind differentiation of terms “ceremonies” and “rituals”, but since author has explanation for this, let it be. Ceremonies are combination of self-hypnosis and meditation, accompanied by on-screen instructions, funny video and unusual music. Author claims video and music to have special effects to improve effectiveness of ritual, and it seems this is true. I started to experience unusual feelings after performing one of ceremonies. There’s a number of ceremonies to make before the actual ritual, so I believe, such intensive preparation may really be effective.

Wicca rituals are what people may look for: rituals for prosperity, love, health, etc. I do not think, author included enough rituals, but he promises free updates. I tried one self-healing ritual, and may say, it worked; luckily it wad just headache, and I do not want to use the ritual for something serious. What is interesting, author does not warn users to continue usual medical treatment, leaving decision for you. I guess, well dedicated wiccan may overcome any disease; but I do not know real life examples of this.

Working rituals” should mean they work. As authors explained in manual, he implemented everything in eWicca, to make rituals working and the rest depend on user’s dedication. If I consider self-healing ritual, I would say rituals really work. I will try also money ritual.

Interface eWicca is rather simple, even primitive; I would prefer more comprehensive design. However I assume eWicca was created for novice users, and such simplicity is reasonable. Author should add options to tune levels of visual and audio stimulations and make option to select them. This applies also to book of shadows: single video and audio obviously not enough. I would add also more options to customize wicca spells, not just to add magic name.

eWicca pluses: everything you need to perform working wicca ritual

eWicca minuses: primitive interface, no setup of video and audio stimulations

Verdict: if your religion is wicca or you want to perform wicca rituals or cast witchcraft spells, buy eWicca.

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eWicca Review - Best Wicca Software, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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